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Boat Clubs and the Sharing Economy with Freedom Boat Club


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The Sharing Economy Exciting New Ways to Get on the Water and Go Boating Presented by Lisa Ameida The Boatanista Freedom Boat Club - Jacksonville | Ponte Vedra | St Augustine

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What Exactly is the Sharing Economy shar·ing e·con·o·my NOUN “Economic system wherein assets or services are shared between individuals for a fee or for free.”

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Sharing Economy Concept ... Individual owns something of value –Others would like to access it without cost and/or maintenance required to purchase –Individual would like to help reduce cost of his or her ownership –Owner and others create a sharing model –SHARING ECONOMY offers a win-win for everyone –Used for Business and Personal Assets

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The Sharing Economy is Big Business. • TIME Magazine 2016 Poll • 44 of US Adults Have Participated in Shared Economy Transactions • This Equates to More than 90 Million People … • 22 - or 45 Million - Have Offered Goods or Services and Describe Their Experiences in this New Economy as “Positive”

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The Sharing Economy is Big Business. •Americans Involved: 22 are Offerers - 42 are Users •Most Offerers are Also Users •About 1/3rd of Offerers Make 40 of their Income Via this Economy –Some Popular Categories: Ride Sharing Accommodations Sharing Service Platforms Car Rentals Foods and Goods Delivery/Exchange Platforms

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Some Well Known Examples •Air Bnb VRBO HomeAway •Uber Lyft Sidecar •Dogvacay •Instacart Postmates • … and hundreds more

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Interesting Facts From TIME Magazine Poll •51 of Offerers Claim to Be Better Off Financially in the Past Year vs. 32 of Rest of the Population •64 Expect to Be Better in the Year Ahead Bottom Line: The Sharing Economy Has Made a Major Impact on the Way Americans View and Access Goods and Services.

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What About Boats … and the Boating Marketplace •In today’s rebounding marine marketplace we now have: • Traditional Boat Owners Buyers • Charter Boat Companies Rentals • Boat Clubs • Fractional Ownership • Peer to Peer Boat Rentals

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Thanks to The Sharing Economy There Are More Ways Than Ever Before to Go Boating

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AGENDA: Available Boating Platforms • Brief Review of Various Options • Broad Overview of Each • Goal: Introduce Traditional and New Ways to Access and Enjoy the Boating Lifestyle • Disclaimer: Not an Expert in These Categories Except the Boat Club Model • Q A Session at End

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Traditional Boat Ownership • John Q. Boat Owner is Here to Stay. • No Doubt: Some People Should Definitely Own Their Own Boat. • These Boaters Want Access When and Where They Desire. • They Want Their Boat Rigged in a Certain Manner with Their Own Bells and Whistles.

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Traditional Boat Ownership • Boat Owners Have Researched and Understand the Costs Associated with Ownership Including Service Storage Maintenance Insurance and Other Related Expenses. • Boat Owners Take Pride in Owning and Maintaining their Own Vessel.

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Traditional Boat Ownership • Individuals May Look to Purchase New or Used Boats • Boat Buyers Often Visit Boat Shows - Best One-Stop Shopping for Comparisons Deals • May Purchase from a Retail Boat Dealer for New and Used Boats • Individuals May Purchase from a Private Seller or Boat Broker for Used Boats or Yachts

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Boat Rentals Charters • Occasional and Infrequent Boaters are Ideal Customers for Boat Rental Operators and Charters • They Generally Pay a Flat Fee for a Defined Period of Use Plus Fuel • They Choose from a Local Fleet of Boats • They May Book Directly with a Captain for a Charter • Bareboat and Captained Options

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Peer to Peer P2P • Boat Owners List Their Boats through a Third Party Commercial P2P Website • Owners Underwrite Their Costs by Sharing Their Boats with Others • Typically There is No Charge for Boat Owner to List Third Party Charges a Commission on Anything Booked Through Their Site

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Peer to Peer • Emerging P2P Companies Promote and Advertise Private Boat Access • P2P Companies Provide Contract Vet Both Offerers and Users Sometimes Advertise Local Captain Availability Collect Funds and Provide Insurance

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Peer to Peer • P2P Companies Provide Online Verification Process for Renters • Minimum Age Requirements • Deposit Typically Required • Bareboat and Captained Options Available • Offering Ranges from Personal Watercraft to Small Power and Sail Boats to Cruisers and Luxury Yachts

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Peer to Peer • 1:1 Transaction and Inspection/ Walk Through Typically with Owner or Designated Party • Owner Has Full Discretion to Rent or Not • Varying Restrictions i.e. Night Operation etc.

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Peer to Peer • Some Additional Charges May Apply i.e. Gear Equipment ASK • Confirm Safety Gear Included • P2P Geographic Limitations • To Search for Current Companies Offering These Shared Economy Services: Peer to Peer Boating Boat Sharing Boat Rentals

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Fractional Ownership/Timeshare • A Few Different Models … Found in Jet/Aerospace and Other Industries Often With More High End Expensive Products. In Essence ... • In Boating/Yachting Segment Company Manages a Fleet of Boats or Yachts • Company or Individuals Purchases a Specific Boat and Places in Fractional Fleet

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Fractional Ownership/Timeshare • Individuals Purchases a Specific Boat and Places it in Fractional Fleet • Company Manages Fractional Contracts Reservations Service Maintenance • Company Provides Insurance Training • Total cost of Boat Maintenance Management and Related Services is Divided Among Members

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Fractional Ownership • Members Pay for Their Own Cost for Fuel Crew Provisions • Fractional - You Have an Investment for a “Piece” of the Vessel vs. Owning the Whole Thing • Fractional - Legal Ownership with the Right to Transfer or Sell

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Timeshare • Members Pay for Their Own Cost for Fuel Crew Provisions • Time Share - Only Purchase the Rights of Usage for a Certain Amount of Time • Time Share - Time is Over So Is Investment

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An Early Shared Economy Forerunner Boat Clubs • Concept Has Enjoyed Greater Exposure from the Sharing Economy … but Boat Clubs Have Been Around Since the 1980’s • Some Mistakenly Confuse the Term with a Yacht Club or an Exclusive Club for Boat Owners ….What is a Boat Club

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Boat Club Terminology Simplified. • Boat Clubs Purchase Maintain and Insure Multiple Boats in a Fleet. • Boat Clubs Make the Fleet Available to Their Members. • Members Generally Pay a 1x Entry Fee to Join Plus Choose from a Monthly Membership Plan to Meet Their Boating Lifestyle and Budget.

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Benefits of Boat Clubs • Members May Choose from a Variety of Boat Models Types … Get Broad Experience on Different Types of Products • Some Are Specific Power or Sail Oriented Some Offer Both • Enjoy Watersports Cruising Inshore and Offshore Fishing Diving Sailing etc.

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Training is Often Part of the Membership Offering. • Some Clubs Offer FREE 1x or Ongoing Training as an Integral Part of the Membership Experience • Ask About the Training Options to Understand What it Entails • Confirm that the Club’s Trainers are Fully Certified i.e. Licensed Coast Guard Captains etc.

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Benefits of Boat Clubs • Boat Clubs Handle All the Ongoing Maintenance and Service of the Boats in the Fleet. • Members Simply Enjoy Them • When Comparing Be Sure to Ask About Reservation Systems • When Comparing Be Sure to Ask About Member to Boat Ratio

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Benefits of Boat Clubs • Boat Clubs Generally Have Dock Staff on Site to Assist in Dock Departures Returns • Most Are Social Clubs • Most Host Regular Special Events and Activities • Fun Opportunities to Meet Mix and Mingle with Others Who Share Your Boating DNA

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Ask About Reciprocal Access • Most Boat Clubs Have Single or a Few Regional Locations • Others May Offer Multiple or National Locations • Be Sure to Ask About Reciprocal Access Opportunities Costs • Reciprocal Access Memberships Allows You to Boat Wherever Branded Clubs Are Located

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Freedom Boat Club is the ‘Sharing Leader’ in the Boating Space. •Founded in 1989 •15000+ Members in North America •125+ Clubs throughout the US Canada •Fleet of 1500+ Late Model Name Brand Boats •Boating Made Simple. •We Own the Boats. You Enjoy Them

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Freedom Boat Club Has Expanded to the West Coast • 5 California Locations including the California Delta 2 San Diego 2 and Huntington Beach • New Club Opened April in Seattle • New Club Opened 2016 in Vancouver Now 2 Locations … and Growing

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With All These Exciting Options Now Available … It’s Time to Get Out and Enjoy Boating

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Question Answer Session Lisa Almeida The Boatanista Freedom Boat Club – Jax | Ponte Vedra | St. Aug c: 904-588-2417 e:

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