Improve the Quality of Hiring By Performing a background check

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Improve the Quality of Hiring By Performing a Background Check :

Fourth Force – - The Truth Verified - Improve the Quality of Hiring By Performing a Background Check

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Hiring is a continuous process in every company that is a mid-sized one or a corporate company that has branches across the continents. They are on a constant lookout for candidates with the best skills and competencies. However, in the process of hiring, many companies still show complacency, without carrying out a background check on the job applicants. Hiring a candidate or keeping an existing employee without knowing his antecedents will put them in unnecessary tangles. Blame it on lack of time, know-how, manpower or lethargy. But companies have to know the history of their employees.

Relax, Fourth Force steps up that much-needed vigil :

Relax, Fourth Force steps up that much-needed vigil A IT firm, a BPO, a banking industry, a telecom company, a cab-aggregating company or an insurance company - you got to take care of your business operations and not any other, to stay ahead of the competition. Leave it to Fourth force , a Chennai-based background verification company, to scrutinize your employees or job applicants. There are numerous background screening companies, but what if such verification is performed by professionals who have years of experience working in intelligence agencies like Research and Analysis wing and esteemed institutions like CBI? The report you get about the employees will be incisive and helps you to decide on taking the applicant onboard or to drop a profile. The employee you wish to hire may be based in any part of India; our detective personnel will be there and will fan out to different villages, towns and cities to carry out verification.

Growing need for background checks :

Growing need for background checks Workplace safety: The spurt in incidents of violence and terrorism has become worrisome for corporate companies. Youth, which has to become part of nation-building, is indoctrinated and attracted to extremism. In such a scenario, nothing has to be left to chance when it comes to recruiting employees. Qualified and honest employees: Employees are those who can make or break a company. Hiring an employee with mala fide intention and history of cheating will take huge toll on the company’s growth. Protecting company reputation: A company is not built in a day; it is nurtured carefully by offering best services to the customers and winning their loyalty. Such a reputation cannot be sacrificed by one wrong decision – hiring a wrong person. Preventing legal action: An employee with the much-needed skills, but with a criminal behavior and pending cases can put a company in legal tangles, which have to be battled in the court of law, for no mistake done on the company’s side. Background screening of the employee can thwart such unwanted problems.

Fourth Force will get into action mode :

Fourth Force will get into action mode The sleuths at Fourth Force will jump into action and start the process of verification on any matter related to the job applicant or employee. Our shrewd officers will execute the process ethically and abide to all the legal regulations. At Fourth Force, we believe that there should be no room for employers to hire employees who fudge their educational certificates or claim that have so many years of experience in so and so company. This is one area where many employees make false claims and seek jobs in positions that range from mid level to executive roles. We deploy our personnel who will investigate in such matters. Besides, verification will be done to find out if the candidate has any criminal and court cases. If a candidate is into substance abuse is another aspect that will be thoroughly investigated. Without being influenced by mere hearsay, our professionals at Fourth Force will cross check the facts and make a report on every aspect of the candidate that you desire to know. Such a comprehensive report will come in handy while hiring your employees.

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