How To Successfully Sell Your Home


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How to Successfully Sell Your Home Guidelines for an efficient, profitable and anxiety free home sale

Slide 2: Whether you have hired a realtor or have taken up the project of selling your house in your own hands, understanding the various elements that work in favour of a successful home sale will always prove to be highly beneficial. Be An Informed Seller - Do Your Homework!

Slide 3: When hiring a real estate agency, make sure that you: Work through references Check their background history Go through their current listings Choose Your Agent Wisely!

Slide 4: Staging is a very important part of the selling process as the appearance of your house will play a major role in helping a prospective customer decide whether the asking price is worth the deal. Therefore wisely invest in: Repair Repaint Refurbishing "You don't get a second chance to make a great first impression"

Slide 5: Carrying out an appraisal is an important part of making a successful sale. Various factors of your analysis should include: - The property size - Condition - Location - Current asking prices of similar properties in the neighborhood Price Your Home Wisely

Slide 6: The internet is one of the best tools to get prospective buyers through: - Multiple Listing Services - Home sellers and buyers Forums - Online fact sheets Advertise Smartly!

Slide 7: Some other creative tips to ensure a successful home sale include: -Having handy fact sheets around the house for walk in customers -Putting up a “Home For Sale” sign in your yard -Blogging about the home on the internet -Uploading a virtual tour of the house Creative Selling Ideas

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