Bad Teeth Can Cause Breathing Problems

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Respiratory Diseases are one the major causes of death and health problems in India. Earlier, we used to accept the air around us was bad for lungs and in turn


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Slide2: Bad Teeth Can Cause Breathing Problems Respiratory Diseases are one the major causes of death and health problems in India. Earlier, we used to accept the air around us was bad for lungs and in turn leads to the respiratory problems. Now, we are finding reports about the bad teeth cause breathing problems and respiratory issues. Connection between the Tooth Infection and Breathing problem: New research suggests that bacteria from gum disease travel through airways and into the lungs. And this may lead to potentially life-threatening respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia. So, it becomes quite imperative for people to start thinking about the oral health as it may lead to paramount issues in the respiratory system.   People at most risk due to the prevailing tooth decay : If you have an existing respiratory condition, you are at a severe risk of worsening your fragile respiratory system. Plus, with the rise of respiratory problems early in the childhood, it makes sense to focus on the problems as early as possible

Slide3: Focus Dental Care is at the forefront of steps required to alleviate the problems of oral health in people who are: Elderly Smokers Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) sufferers Cancer patients HIV carriers Young children People living in high pollution zone areas Steps to take: If you’re already suffering from respiratory problems, it’s important to make a visit to the dentists also to take the concrete steps for the health. A good dental plan would be created by the dentists to help you possess the best oral plan for the best of abilities. A good oral health is beneficial for the body in the long run and respiratory diseases could be eliminated with a comfortable ease.

Slide4: Excellent Oral Hygiene for the best oral health: https :// Fighting every small battle is crucial to winning the war on respiratory problems and there is none better than starting now. A good oral hygiene is one of the basic steps in the fight against Respiratory diseases and we can start from the basic. Brush your teeth twice a day, limit snacking, drink water throughout the day and use a soft-bristled brush. Floss to remove dental plaque from places that your toothbrush can’t reach. Food debris left between your teeth can cause bad breath and lead to gum disease. Avoid sweets and other empty-calorie snacks that cause tooth decay. Bacteria and sugar produce acids that attack the teeth. A good oral health is the basic requirement in today’s hectic life and making a regular visit to the Dentists like Focus Dental Care in Hyderabad is crucial to maintain the good oral health. Respiratory Diseases caused due to lack of oral health can be prevented and allow the people to practise the adage “precaution is better than cure”. Dental Implants in Hyderabad is often undertaken by Focus Dental Care to improve the oral health in a big way. Individual implants also allow easier access between teeth, improving oral hygiene.

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