What is the Best Age for Dental Braces? by Focus Dental Care

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What is the Best Age for Dental Braces ? By Focus Dental Care Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


One question that many parents face is that what is the best age for braces . There is no right answer to this. Some get them too early and continue the further treatment later in the life; others go for the braces too late and worn for a longer period . Coming to the point, when is the right time to get braces and what are the factors contributing to it. Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


Dr Ajay Krishna,  one of the top  Lingual Braces Specialists in Hyderabad   recommends young age is the best time to get braces. Because by the age of 7 baby teeth starts growing and a doctor can get a good sense of understanding the alignment of permanent teeth will look like . In some cases, such as a child is facing difficulty in talking or in eating due to bad teeth position, application of braces or partial teeth aligners will be easier in young age than later stages. In some dental conditions like protruding teeth, a cross bite or tooth crowding a child can go to early braces. Fixing teeth and other oral health issues should be treated in the young age before they become serious later. INTRODUCTION Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


Why should a child’s teeth get braced ? Children should get proper orthodontic treatment as early as possible. Dentists can easily fix problems during childhood because in the teen years they may lose that flexibility to fix. And there are benefits if treatment happens in the young age . Permanent teeth take a healthy position. Improved facial appearance. Reduces the extent of orthodontic treatment needed later. Improves an overbite, underbite, or crossbite positions. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and prevents tooth decay. Low risk of trauma to misaligned teeth. Proper jaw growth. Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


Kids now-a-days are very particular on how they are going to look after wearing the braces on their tiny tooth. Some of them even reject the process – transparent, invisible or clear braces comes in place in the situation.  Clear Braces in India  is a growing solution for the people who don’t want to make any difference in their appearance . They straighten and aligns teeth without braces, wires and brackets. Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


In the end, receive the best professional evaluation from certified orthodontist. One of such in Hyderabad is  Focus Dental Care , the largest dental implant center in the city. The team provides general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry services. As different types of braces have different prices, call or book an appointment with the specialists today to know  Dental Braces Cost in Hyderabad . No matter what changes are made, remember that they are just for a short-time period for long-time gains. Wearing braces can also save you from various serious dental issues down the line. Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


Focus Dental C are O n S ocial M edia Call Us: +91 9603172172 www.focusdentalcare.com


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