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This presentation explains the concept of thermal imaging and the various applications where a thermal imager can be put to use.


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Fluke Thermal Imaging:

Fluke Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging:

Thermal imaging Is the science of seeing heat patterns using special electronic cameras Rather than seeing light, these remarkable instruments create pictures of heat. They measure infrared (IR) energy and convert the data to images corresponding to the temperature.

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An Infrared System Windows and Optics Object Environment Detector Electronic Display or Other Output 453¡C SP1 470¡C EMS ¯.85 IR Sensor Collected IR Energy IR Electronics S T

How do we get the picture?:

How do we get the picture? 96 Elements 128 Elements When an image is captured using the Therrmal Imager , all of the background data is also saved along with the picture allowing in-depth analysis using software. Each of the pixels, contain an accurate temperature value. The Imager, through the use of a complex set of algorithms, assign specific colors that correspond exactly with the temperature value found at the specific X Y coordinate.

Thermal imaging:

Thermal imaging is non-contact applies to most types of equipment and conditions is obtained without disturbing production quickly identifies specific locations allows for detection of problems before failure can scan large areas quickly to identify areas of concern

Are Fluke Thermal Imagers easy to use?:

Are Fluke Thermal Imagers easy to use? Yes . If you take pictures with a “point and shoot” digital camera, you can easily use a Fluke Thermal Imager. Fluke Thermal Imagers can be set either automatic or manual modes, similar to adjustments you might make on a digital camera. Simply: 1. Point 2. Focus 3. Capture As long as you have focused the Imager correctly you basically cannot make any mistakes as you can change everything afterwards with the software

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Electrical Mechanical / Electromechanical HVAC Just a few of the applications FACT Fluke Thermal Imaging 7 Let’s put the Fluke Thermal Imagers to work


Electrical Commonly inspected components (3 phase) Power distribution Fuse boxes Cables & connections Relays/Switches Insulators Capacitors Substations Circuit breakers Controllers Transformers Motors Battery banks Typical reasons for temperature hotspots or deviations Unbalanced loads Harmonics (3rd harmonic current in Neutral) Overloaded systems/excessive current Loose or corroded connections increased resistance in the circuit (typically one side of components heats up) Insulation failure Component failure Wiring mistakes Underspecified components (like fuses) would heat up on both side of the fuse

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Note the increase in temperature on this phase Identify a phase unbalance

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Identify high resistance connections

Utility Substations:

Utility Substations Switches of all types Transformers Bushings

Tools for measuring loads & harmonics:

Tools for measuring loads & harmonics Fluke 330, 350 series Clamp Meters Fluke-345 PQ Clamp Meter 2000A DC 1400A AC Harmonics Power Energy Data Logging

Mechanical / Electromechanical:

Mechanical / Electromechanical Commonly inspected components Motors Pumps Heat exchangers Bearings Gearboxes Drive belts Typical reasons for temperature hotspots or deviations Bad cooling- due to reduced airflow PQ problems like unbalance, overload or 5th harmonic (voltage) will cause heat dissipation Bad alignment Insulation problems with motor windings Bearing problems – lubrication, wear, etc. Friction due to wear, misalignment or inadequate lubrication

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For each 10 ºC (18 ºF) rise over maximum rated temperature, approximately ½ the life of a motor is lost due to insulation failure! Motors

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It may be difficult to see if the guard is left in place Temperature varies depending on type Compare with others or trend over time Motors and couplings

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Belts and sheaves Alignment of belts Guards may restrict view Re-inspect after corrective action

HVAC / Process:

HVAC / Process Commonly inspected components Refractory insulation Tanks and vessels Steam systems/traps Pipes and valves Heaters/Furnaces Manufacturing equipment Plastics Industry (Molding) Pulp & Paper (Rollers, handling equipment, etc) Metal Foundry Boilers and Reactors Research & Development Typical reasons for temperature hotspots or deviations Damaged structures caused by worn pipes etc Abnormal heat flow/heat gradients Gas or steam leakage

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Locate fluid, solid, and “floater” levels Tank levels

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Look for Hot areas associated with refractory thinning or failure Cold areas associated with internal product build-up Refractory & cement kiln insulation

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Working Trap Failed Trap Steam traps – failures are costly

Electronics Applications:

Electronics Applications Electrical Circuit. An infrared view of the hot spots on an electrical circuit

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Water Intrusion

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Sofware features Modify temperature range, color pallet, emissivity, background temperature and add markers Show Thermal Images in all IR-Fusion® modes and add annotation Produce professional customized reports in an easy way with the Report Wizard Export Images to multiple Image formats and temperature data to Excel (csv) or Word (txt)

Complete Line of Thermal Imagers :

Complete Line of Thermal Imagers Price Performance Ti9 Ti10/R Ti32/R32 Ti27/R27 Ti29/R29 Ti25/TiR1 Ti125/TiR125 Ti110/TiR110 Ti100 New New New

Fluke Ti25 thermal imagers:

Fluke Ti25 thermal imagers

The new Fluke Ti IR-Fusion® Technology:

The new Fluke Ti IR-Fusion® Technology Max IR (traditional thermal imaging) Mid IR Min IR PIP Max IR PIP Mid IR PIP Min IR

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One complete package includes: SmartView ™ analysis and reporting software (with free upgrades) Rugged hard case and portable soft case Adjustable hand strap 2 GB SD memory card SD memory card reader Internal rechargeable battery AC charger/power supply Fluke Ti – Complete Package

New from Fluke: The easiest-to-use thermal imagers have arrived:

New from Fluke: The easiest-to-use thermal imagers have arrived new models Ti125, Ti110 for industrial and commercial use Ti100 for general use Six new innovations IR-Optiflex TM focus system IR-Fusion® technology Rugged one-hand operation Multi-mode video recording IR-PhotoNotes TM annotation system Electronic compass

Focusing made easy:

Focusing made easy IR-Optiflex TM focus system Combines focus-free ease-of-use with the flexibility of manual focus IR-Optiflex TM focus-free system keeps your camera in focus from 1.2M (4 ft) and beyond Switch to manual focus for close-up images Benefit: Inspect faster than with manual-only models More reliable and consistent than autofocus models. Plus, you have the option to manually focus for closer views From 1.2 m (4 ft) and beyond, you’re in clear focus

Imaging made easy:

Imaging made easy Capturing an image in portrait or landscape is easy Benefit: Find, diagnose, and report problems faster and easier Light weight and well balanced Wide field of view; with no optional lens Image rotation in SmartView ® for analysis and reporting purposes.

Imaging made easy:

Imaging made easy Benefit: Find, diagnose, and report problems faster and easier IR-PhotoNotes TM annotation system Add up to three digital photos per infrared image

Imaging made easy:

Imaging made easy Electronic Compass Eight-point cardinal compass readings Benefit: More easily capture critical information for analysis, reporting, and communicating potential problems.

Troubleshooting made easy :

Troubleshooting made easy Multi-mode video recording Record video in visible light and infrared with full IR-Fusion Standard MPEG-encoded AVI format (Ti110/TiR110/Ti125/TiR125) Fully-radiometric IS3 format (Ti125/TiR125) Streaming video output Stream live, focus-free video to a PC using SmartView® software (or to a display via PC). (Ti125/TiR125) Benefit: Ti125 and TiR125 models help you pinpoint elusive issues with frame-by-frame infrared video analysis and streaming video output – without constant refocusing or confusing depth-of-field issues. Standard video recording also facilitates better training programs and the creation of compelling sales and marketing videos.

Professional Software made easy:

Professional Software made easy Easy to see increased value with new features Video playback and analysis - radiometric and non-radiometric Convert radiometric video frames into .is2 images for analysis & reporting Live video – project display, pause and store live video screens Rotate images Directly download images and manage SD card memory Update your thermal imager directly in SmartView Easy to use Intuitive user interface Easy to create professional reports Easy to manage License allows for installation on unlimited computers SmartView notifies you when free updates are available

Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 Delivering Top Performance :

Award-winning Ti25/TiR1 Design 320X240 FPA (60HZ) ≤ 50mK Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) Expanded Temp Measurement Ti32: -20ºC - +600ºC TiR32: -20ºC - +150ºC Field-installable optional lenses Field replaceable LiON Batteries New Features: High Temperature or Dew Point alarms Transmission correction Enhanced Level/Span adjustment Thumbnail memory review New display viewing options Ultra-Contrast™ Palette options .IS2, .BMP, and….. .JPG file formats Fluke Ti32 and TiR32 Delivering Top Performance

Ultra-Contrast™ Palette :

Ultra-Contrast ™ Palette

PowerPoint Presentation:

P3 Series: Superior image q uality Do all Detectors Are same if having Same resolution? Or Just By having more resolution camera Is better? VOx Amorphous Silicon Resistive Bolometer

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One complete package includes: SmartView ™ analysis and reporting software (with free upgrades) Rugged hard case and portable soft case Adjustable hand strap 2 GB SD memory card SD memory card reader Internal rechargeable battery AC charger/power supply Fluke Ti – Complete Package

You drop it !:

You drop it ! From 2 meter / 6.5 feet high

Why Buy Other Thermal Imagers………….:

Why Buy Other Thermal Imagers………….

And if it survives………:

And if it survives……… You have a new Fluke Thermal Imager !

Global Marketing Initiatives:

Global Marketing Initiatives Fluke Education Portal Program Supporting educators with real-world teaching materials and the latest tools and techniques FlukePlus Membership Portal A worldwide community for all test tools users 2-way communication between Fluke and members. Able to gain access to content & offers that improve their overall Fluke experience

Seminars & Webinars:

Seminars & Webinars Thermal Imaging Learn how to troubleshoot faster and avoid downtime using the latest thermal imaging technology What is thermal imaging and where can it be used? Are thermal imagers easy to use? How to choose the right thermal imager for your applications? How software can help you in your imaging analysis

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Keeping your world up and running. ®

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Company Name : Fluke Corporation - India Website: http://www.fluke.com/fluke/inen/home/default.htm Address: Division of DHR Holding India Pvt. Ltd. 10th Floor, Sigma Hiranandani Business Park, Powai Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076 Contact Number: 1 800 209 9110

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