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Fluke Corporation is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. Here's a presentation on the basics of DMM - by Fluke. Check it out!


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ABC s Of DMM s

What is a DMM?:

What is a DMM? A DMM is simply an electronic tape measure for making electrical measurements It may have any number of special features , but mainly a DMM measures volts , ohms, and amperes

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Some Basics Resolution - Resolution refers to how fine a measurement a meter can make Digits and Counts - The terms digits and counts are used to describe a meter’s resolution Accuracy - Accuracy is the largest allowable error that will occur under specific operating conditions

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Some Basics Ohm’s law – Vo ltage , current, and resistance in any electrical circuit can be calculated by using Ohm’s Law - V = A x Ω Digital and analog displays - For high accuracy and resolution, the digital display excels, displaying three or more digits for each measurement The analog needle display is less accurate and has lower effective resolution because you have to estimate values between the lines

Measuring Voltage:

Measuring Voltage One of the most basic tasks of a DMM is measuring voltage Accessories, such as Fluke 80K-40 and 80K-6 high voltage probes, extend the voltage measurement range of a DMM

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Measuring Resistance For measuring resistance in the presence of diodes, DMM test voltages are kept below 0.6 V so the semiconductor junctions do not conduct current

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Safety Precautions

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