5 Reasons To Use Flexible Workspaces in Liverpool Street

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Wondering why your company should choose flexible workspaces as its office? Here are some of the essential reasons to use flexible workspaces in Liverpool Street.Log on https://www.broadgate.co.uk/


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5 Reasons To Use Flexible Workspaces in Liverpool Street www.broadgate.co.uk /

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Increased Productivity: 71% said they are more productive in their flexible workspace. www.broadgate.co.uk/

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Longevity: 49% said flexible workspaces are a long term solution for their company’s real estate needs. www.broadgate.co.uk/

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Money Saver: Coworking spaces have been found to reduce a small company’s expenditures by 75%. www.broadgate.co.uk/

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Engaged Workforce: 86% said they benefited from enhanced work environments, more engagement and better business opportunities. www.broadgate.co.uk/

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Happier Workers: 86% of people feel less isolated, and 72% feel more confident at work! www.broadgate.co.uk/

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