Smelly Flatulence

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Try a modern home remedy for bad smelling gas! Flatu-Scents is a natural supplement that comes in the pill-package form and can be consumed before, with or after meals.


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FLATU-SCENTS FLATULENCE TREATMENT Most smelly gas due to intestinal discomfort is nothing to worry about but if you have persistent foul- smelling farts it can get pretty humiliating at times. Flatulence is a natural body reaction that occurs during digestion. MAKE YOUR SMELLY FARTS SMELL GOOD Farting is absolutely normal. It is an indication that your digestive system is working. Most people fart between 6-24 times a day and most of them are odourless they go unnoticed. BAD SMELLING GAS Now you can get rid of bad- smelling flatulence with a vegan supplement called Flatu-Scents. It is designed to neutralize and improve the bad-smelling gas with a light rose scent. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.FLATUSCENTS.COM Neutralize Really Smelly Gas

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