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Flatulence is the condition of having excessive gas in the stomach or intestine. These gases are created by bacteria into the intestine.


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Farting is absolutely normal. It is an indication that your digestive system is working. Most people fart between 6-24 times a day and most of them are odourless they go unnoticed. But if your bad smelling gas empties out a room you might need to find a remedy to keep that smell away. How To Get Rid Of Smelly Gas

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Helps reduce gas and gas pressure Helps reduce flatulence Promotes more palatable flatulenceHelps to reduce or improve the odor of common flatulenceWorks to prevent gas naturally Works to improve the odor of flatulence naturally

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Flatu-Scents: Neutralize Really Smelly Gas

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Contact Information E M A I L A D D R E S S P H O N E N U M B E R 805277-9092 M A I L I N G A D D R E S S 4607 Lakeview Cyn RdWestlake Village Ca 91361

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