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Want to get rid of bad smelling gas? Try Flatu-Scents, which targets excessive flatulence and mask troublesome odors. Designed with the finest natural ingredients, it can be consumed before, with or after meals, as per your comfort. Buy now!


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Now you can get rid of bad-smelling flatulence with a vegan supplement called Flatu-Scents. It is designed to neutralize and improve the bad-smelling gas with a light rose scent. Make Your Smelly Farts Smell Good Flatu-Scents Try the new home remedy for bad smelling gas and avoid smelly flatulence indignity at the party. Flatu-Scents works as a solution for reducing stomach gas and improving foul smell with pleasing rose scent. Flatu-Scents is a natural vegan supplement that helps to neutralize and reduce the intensity of gas and its associated odors—not unlike the effect of underarm deodorant in masking body odors. By treating the issue at its source Flatu-Scents lessens intestinal gas and pressure while improving the scent of expelled gas guaranteed. CONTACT INFORMATION Phone805277-9092  E-Mailinfo :  Address : 4607 Lakeview Cyn RdWestlake Village Ca 91361 Website :

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