My first Pkmn series

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My first Pkmn series and second appearance on YouTube


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My first pkmn sprite series : 

My first pkmn sprite series By Flamekick21

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This is my first sprite series ever but be4 this I entered 1 of my sprites into bowie4321’s contest. The first few sprites may not be that good so look 4 the good ones at the end. Enough talking lets get to the sprites. Hope u enjoy:]

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Flamekick21 Not my first sprite but it is the sprite I will now go by.

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Yes I know it sucks but it’s my first sprite so dont leave bad comments. Crossflame

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This one suks 2 so don’t get ur hopes up 4 the next few sprites. Hydroflame

Slide 6: 

See told u so Turtle Phantom

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Hydroflame’s son Hydroflame Jr.

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Dont let its looks deceive u. He can own u in 1 hit with a hyper beam. Killer Cutie

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It’s what u get when the Abominable Snowman eats a bunch of rocks. The Snow Rock

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4 the grand finale I have a sprite of every ice type in the world. It is kinda sloppy but its hard with 23 pkmn. I thank Aquablade11 for inspiring me with Ozai to make this sprite. Again enough talking. I now give u...

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The Frozen Soldier!!!

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Thanks 4 watching. If u didnt like these sprites the next series will be much better. Again thx 4 watching and bye.

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