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FinPlus Business Solutions                           eCommerce  Into Mobility

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Commerce has been on the rise massively in recent years but it not be  the next true frontier for shopping as m-commerce continues to become popular. Simply put m-commerce involves shopping through a  mobile device while e-commerce involves shopping  online through your computer. Mobile is eating the world .Optimizing your customer experience and m-commerce applications for all mobile devices is a business imperative. And m-commerce is poised to burst into the mainstream thanks to a host of technology advance that are making it easier for people to shop on their phones. Services are provided on mobile - commerce are M- Banking M-Entertainment M- Informations Services M- Marketing M-Shopping

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There’s no doubt that mobile use is going to continue to rise and the following reasons are just some of the advantages as to why mobile commerce is the right approach f for today’s scenario. Mobile commerce is beneficial for both type of business large scale and small scale business. Mobile is only the technology which is now become necessary for any person in social and business life than computer. A mobile commerce app removes the need of buyer heading to a physical shop which is each time money saving. Consumers can accessibility hundreds of goods on their mobile devices which offer a scope for retailers to increase their reach general revenue.

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Drawbacks Of M-Commerce:- Presently mobile commerce applications have particular restrictions associated to graphics functionalities because it is a new technologies. Information transferred throughout cellular devices wireless networks have higher risk of obtaining hacked. Developing a mobile commerce software is more expensive than an ecommerce app consequently not all retailers go for it. M-commerce need high speed of connectivity of 3G

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