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What are the best places to visit in Frankfurt Frankfurt is a metropolis of European finance it is home to the most important stock exchange in Germany the European Central Bank of many multinational companies. Best places to visit in Frankfurt are that it has the second airport in Europe and a prestigious university. Frankfurt is at first glance the city of the imposing skyscrapers where European money flows are regulated it is ironically also called "Mainhattan" and "Bankfurt" by the Germans. This cosmopolitan metropolis the city has inhabitants of 180 different nationalities and foreign residents represent 25 of the population still retains important traces of its past as an imperial city such as e.g. the carefully restored buildings of the Römerberg in the center. It is a fascinating city and the strong contrasts between old and new do not clash on the contrary they make this city unique. Frankfurt is also the birthplace of the great writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe his birthplace is now an interesting museum and the strong cultural commitment of the city is manifested in the many museums that overlook the banks of the Main.

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In the evening the Sachsenhausen area becomes a meeting point for the many clubs and restaurants found in the characteristic houses of this neighborhood. Best Places to Visit in Frankfurt The Römerberg The Römerberg the center square with the Römer town hall the other half-timbered houses and the Nikolaikirche church where buildings with an unmistakable style and splendid statues of the fifteenth century rise. A large number of points of interest are concentrated in this pedestrianized area so keep your camera ready and get ready to

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capture its beauty. On the eastern side of the square you can admire Ostzeile a series of 11 wooden buildings faithfully rebuilt after the destruction of 1944. Kaiserdom Kaiserdom church where German kings and emperors were crowned since the middle Ages. Although it is "only" a collegiate church in consideration of the inhabitants of Frankfurt the Church of San Bartolommeo is considered to be the same as a Cathedral. The reason is that 10 Germanic emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned inside this sacred building not far from Römerberg square. The circumstance also explains the sui generis form of the

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church which has 3 very short naves to the advantage of the transept which instead is large. Paulskirche Paulskirche which in 1848 was the seat of the first German parliament. There are buildings that make the history of a city and others instead the history of an entire nation. The deconsecrated church of St. Paul in Frankfurt belongs to this second category. Inside in fact the first Parliament of united Germany met for a year - from May 1848 to May 1849 charged with giving a liberal Constitution to the country.

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Alte Oper Alte Oper called also the opera house. Travel is the movement of people between distant geographic locations in Alte Oper. Trips can be made on foot by bicycle by car by train by bus by plane by boat to visit Alte Oper with or without luggage and can be one-way or round- trip. The trip may also include relatively short stays between successive movements. There is also a district of Sachsenhausen with numerous pubs restaurants and beer gardens

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Kunsthalle Schirn Kunsthalle Schirn between the Römerberg and the Kaiserdom one of the most important buildings in Europe for art exhibitions The museums along the banks of the Main: the Städelmuseum art collections from the Middle Ages to the present day the museum of communication those of architecture film world cultures and the museum of applied arts also to not forget the skyscrapers of the center.

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