Fiinovation – An introspection-Digital revolution Vs Social revolution

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Fiinovation, a research based organization, is an integrated solution enabler in the CSR and sustainability domain. It is focused towards enhancing quality across organizational value chain through meaningful innovation thereby ensuring sustainability.


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Fiinovation – An introspection-Digital revolution Vs Social revolution Revolution involves overthrowing the current obsolete system in the society or in any specific field with a new system which is more appropriate and suitable in the present day. Fiinovation comprehends that Revolution is a necessity for inclusive development and progress. From social revolution to the revolutions in the field of science has brought tremendous changes in the thought process of the society. The present society is the outcome of all the revolutions which have come and changed the order for the betterment of the people at large. Fiinovation contemplates that social revolution is overthrowing the prevalent practices in which the society functions and is creating a new order in the system. From time to time the leaders of change set new traditions in the society as per the needs of the time. Fiinovation believes that Digital revolution also known as the third industrial revolution is the set of new standards and has brought paradigm shift in technological advancement. It came due to extensive research in computer science and the spread of internet in the world. Fiinovation believes that in a developing nation like India which is aggressively moving towards implementing social and economic reforms the big question remains whether to give preference to social reform or the industrial reform. The recent digital India campaign is a step towards following the foot steps of the developed countries. However the campaign was criticised and people raised questions related to the implementation of the vision of a digital India when many parts of the country neither have adequate supply of electricity nor proper educational facilities. However the dream of making India digital is now a necessity of our time only then we can keep up with the technological advancement happening aggresively in the developing world. We must also convert our economy in to a digital economy for ensuring that our citiziens have access to the latest technologies. Industrial reforms and social reforms are connected with each other. Fiinovation believes that the Digital revolution is an industrial reform which is crucial for the comprehensive development technological advancement and inclusive growth of the nation. It will create new avenues of livelihood and opportunities for growth.

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Fiinovation comprehends that digitization of the documents and data is a necessity to maintain a systematic record of the projects and surveys conducted for making plans and policies for the betterment of the people. Fiinovation agrees to the fact that more we adopt digital methods in the administrative systems more easy will be the functioning of the authorities and greater transparency with greater accountability can be achieved. We have seen that digital channels of communication have been very helpful in bringing social reforms also. In the recent times social media has been used to unite people on social issues and start massive movements like anti corruption movement movement against child labour campaigns for women empowerment etc. So it is not about Digtal revolution vs Social revolution but it is about Social Revolution with the Digital Revolution. By Karan Pundir Media Team – Fiinovation