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Eyeful Presentations works with clients across the globe to ensure their presentations deliver real results. Our philosophy of making PowerPoint work harder means that our clients maintain control whilst benefitting from our world-beating storyboarding and design capabilities. To learn more about the Eyeful way, visit our website at


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new way of thinking Your client has asked for a corporate PowerPoint presentation PowerPoint presentation Our Dull Presentation Bullet point after bullet point of waffle means the audience is lost Terrible colours, clip art and a poor template all combine to further bury the message Lack of engaging content and tailored messaging Its time for a new way of thinking

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Its time for a changeof attitude

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Story development workshop Identify the key building blocks in your client’s message 1

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Storyboard your presentation Build their presentation story and develop visual messaging 2

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The grand unveiling Deliver the impossible –a masterpiece in PowerPoint! 3

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Product Team,Microsoft Eyeful do things with PowerPoint we never envisaged. Their approach deals withthe misconception of “Deathby PowerPoint” head-on!

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What to do now 0845 056 8528 [email protected]