5 Must have Mobile App to Run your Business

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You can now manage your business completely online with ease with just a click on your smartphone. Expand ERP - the best fit ERP company in India offers the best in class technology for remotely operating business processes. Avail the facility on your android mobile apps now and watch your business grow with ease. To know more call 9007026542


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5 Must have Mobile App to Run your Business Online :

5 Must have Mobile App to Run your Business Online


Introduction: Mobile ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that can be accessed through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Users typically access the system over the Internet using a standard browser or dedicated mobile apps. Being able to access your business software remotely means staff and field service personnel can capture and enter data wherever they are – from the warehouse to the customer site.

We offer dedicated apps for: :

We offer dedicated apps for: Expand HR Expand Sales Expand WMS  Expand Service Expand File Attachment

HR Activities through Expand HR  :

HR Activities through Expand HR  To avoid repeated touch in biometrics attendance by multiple people, your employees can register their presence at work, remotely through the Expand ERP HR mobile app which feeds in the  time and location automatically with GPS location. This app also provides a host of other benefits.       1. Leave Application        2.    Visit Log        3.    Application for Out of Office       4.    Application for claim  With Expand ERP the best ERP software in  India , you can now manage your HR on your smartphone.

Systematic Warehouse Management with Expand WMS :

Systematic Warehouse Management with Expand WMS Warehouse Management System supporting barcodes and item level tracking of products. It can be installed in smart barcode scanning devices and used for the Binning and Picking process of warehouses. Real-time inventory record reconciliation feature is available at any time for the user’s access. Key data on home screen dashboard for key app users. The app is available for Expand ERP licensed users only. With the synchronization facility, data can be fed in an offline environment where internet is not available (warehouse) and can later be synced when internet access is there. 

Online Lead generation with Expand Sales:

Online Lead generation with Expand Sales It is a multi-feature ERP system application for Expand ERP users managing business on-the-go. There are various features that are integrated in this app like: 1. It can attract leads  with product and item specifications and also follow up with specific details. 2 . Important reports like Pending Orders, Sales Register, Receivables, Payables, Inventory position  3. The app has capacity to work online and offline on both platforms.  4. Users can check MIS reports remotely and use it for various official purposes. 5. KPI dashboard data is available on a single system for instant access on the go. 6. An on site visit log (Check-in and check-out) - can be registered with GPS location and time. 7. Menu Option rights can be configured from ERP according to the user role.

Remote Task Management with Expand Service:

Remote Task Management with Expand Service You can manage your to-do-list and miscellaneous tasks from a single multi feature App from your ERP solution . It offers features like: Task Manager to get user specific tasks/to do lists. Service arm can get a list of tasks or services to perform along with important details of products and customer details  Checklist - a checklist is created automatically before starting a task. Registering current location - with the help of GPS the current location is registered when a user accepts or closes a particular task. Service engineers can check their task status remotely- i.e.  pending, ongoing or completed. 

Document management with Expand File Attachment :

Document management with Expand File Attachment It allows you to affix and integrate all important business files and documents to your App which can be accessed anytime anywhere.  You need not carry any hard copies or folders for any meeting or conferences. The user can sync any file in image or PDF format with the documents by just scanning the QR Code mentioned on it. Once the files are uploaded the ERP user will be able to access the file instantly under the Files tab in the Document page of the App. This facility ensures a methodical and automated file documentation which leads to organized business processing. Any document that is saved in the App is stored and secured forever. This reduces the chances of loss of any file.


Conclusion Expand ERP mobile enabled apps are a boon to any Expand ERP software user. It is a single ERP system which increases productivity and drives optimal growth of your business. For more details please visit: www.expanderp.com

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