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Is it getting difficult to handle warehouse or inventory when same product comes with a unit and sold in another unit of measurement? Try ExpandERP cloud-based solution today and control all your inventory management on a CLICK ! To know more, visit- www.expanderp.com


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Manage & Monitor Real-time Inventory with multiple UoMs on a click of a button. :

Manage & Monitor Real-time Inventory with multiple UoMs on a click of a button. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Handling inventory has never been simple when multiple units are involved. It is critical for some business to effectively manage and track inventory in more than one UoM . Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Agriculture and farm based industries such as as Chicory and Cotton often keep their stock both in Kgs and Maunds . Generally Kg is used to invoice customers while suppliers and farmers understand Maund . Same could also applicable for heavy metal industries. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Installing a number of software to handle multiple units just raises the level of complexities. Also, there are chances to have duplicate data entries and reports with errors. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


It is time to go for an automated system that can reduce time, cost and errors while managing all your inventory workflow. And that is only possible with Cloud . Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Adapting cloud-based system is the fast and easiest way where you can get real-time visibility & control across multiple inventory units virtually. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Also, with Mobile Application, you can access all your business information anytime and anywhere. It helps you get a 360-degree view of your inventory. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


What you get more.. Stock Transfer: Track and handle multiple warehouse locations, stock points, sales depots through advanced channel concept. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Stores & Bin: You can define bin locations as per capacity where you want to place items. Get notified about the nearest bin on pick & put away processes during manual conductions. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Multi-unit Conversions: Create and control stock transactions for multiple units, automate stock conversion and adjust at primary unit; further define unit conversion facets at the product level. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Inventory Optimization: The inventory must be controlled on schedule so that you can accurately plan your production, requirements and purchasing across the units. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Empowered Decision Making: Fortify your decisions with real-time data available on demand. With alerts on re-order and re-minder levels, never be ‘out-of-stock’ or ‘over-stocked’. Be at a position where you always want to be. Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com


Find out more at - www.expanderp.com Copyright 2018 www.expanderp.com

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