How Cloud ERPSoftware is changing the Indian Business Scenario?


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With changing times, technology is changing which is greatly altering the way we live. Like every smart thing we use, ERP system has got a notch up as a smart technology with cloud based software. Let’s know more about this business staple.


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How Cloud ERP Software is Changing the Indian Business Scenario Well we have come a long way from the time when companies would invest on different departments to get running. There were different sectors for different tasks- from product planning development to marketing. Thanks to the age of smart technologies where we get more from less. When it comes to complex business functionalities Enterprise Resource Planning ERP is the smartest business software that enables businesses to use integrated applications and automate multiple under the same hood. ERP software has a lot of operational features including such as accounting manufacturing sales human resource management. But ERP system in India is witnessing a booming change which continues to grow further. Let’s take a look at the present scenario in Indian market on ERP solution: Presently the demand of cloud ERP software in India is flourishing. Now Indian

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industries are largely counting on ERP solution to efficiently manage business functionalities. Information Technology Oil Pharmaceutical power industries Healthcare Steel are some of the major sectors that depend on ERP system. It’s not about the large-scale industries are taking advantage of ERP almost 60 of the SME in India have integrated ERP solution to their business module. In terms of monetary game the ERP system has leapfrogged up to 70 in the last decade in India. How enterprises are going to be benefited from ERP The scope and utilization of ERP is unbound. Some of the amazing uses of ERP solution are listed below-  Improve resource management  Reduce business downtime  Increase productivity that reduces planning cycle time  Lessen error in accounting

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 Reduce error in manufacturing cycle  Produce faster risk management solution and adapt to frequent market change  Enhanced customer satisfaction  Reduce extra investment on manpower Cloud-based ERP system in Indian Market Nowadays the enterprise cloud-based software is the most coveted in every business platform. The cloud based ERP solution in India is rising high while the On- premise and traditional ERP system is slowly declining. As companies are looking for more advancements in less investment On-demand ERP is the now the solution. Here are some of the best benefits of cloud-based ERP solution  Automated business operations are on high demand. In this process a regular workflow is synchronized and automated by the software. For an example if there’s any client escalation an automatic notification will be delivered to the end user handling the notification alerts. Cases like client reviews recommendations and procurement are automated by ERP .  User focused ERP approach involves the direct implementation of the system. The user can effectively use the system and make changes for the best result.

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 Present business scenario can be vulnerable. Companies are in constant pressure to withstand the global competition manage unparallel customer demands and retain them. This is when an intelligent ERP system is required that can analysis historic customer data and foresee business structure. Cloud- based ERP solution can uncover potential business opportunities.  Enterprise mobility is one of the best traits in cloud-based ERP system. Company executives can access the enterprise applications on their mobile on the go This mobility helps the business achieve their goals in no time while ensuring complete security. Successful cloud ERP software implementation always depends on the specific business requirements. An effectively designed ERP module can improve business operations and sustain its growth. Read The Article: software-changing-the-indian-business-scenario -------------------------- Expand ERP 686 6th A Cross 3rd Block Koramangala Bangalore – 560034 Phone: +919007026542 Email: Website:

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