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How to Hire the Best React Native Developers? Get some quick pointers on hiring React Native developers. Read this article and avoid making any mistakes.


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Page 1 How To Hire React Native Developers Many Entrepreneurs are confused whether to release their company app for iOS or Android platform. In such times React Native came to their rescue. React Native made it possible for them to build a single app that can work for multiple mobile OS platforms. React Native is certainly not the first platform for hybrid app development but it sure is the most in demand at present times. Now that you may have decided to go with React Native platform for your company’s app development you will need the best React Native app development company for the job. But “How to Hire React Native Developers” you ask. This article focuses on guiding you on this matter. You may have to interview numerous candidates and this would be tiresome and time-consuming and I am here to help you and lessen your burden. So let me share with you some “guidelines” that I personally found helpful while I was looking for the service of some React Native developers. So let’s find out How to Hire React Native Developers 1. Have a clear Idea of what you need. The skill set that you require from the developers for your app development project should match with what they possess. Some of the common skills that are a must for any app development project are: • Proficient knowledge of JavaScript CSS and HTML • Knowledge of using JavaScript tools like Gulp Bower and Grunt • Skillful in front-end CSS frameworks like Foundation Bootstrap • Understanding of JavaScript libraries like jQuery Backbone.js • Experience in using various React Native frameworks. • Knowledge of both Front-end and Back-end development

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Page 2 2. Is their experience relevant to you The prospective candidates that you will interact with may all seem very experienced. But is their experience useful to you Some app developers may have years of experience but they may have worked on only 2-3 types of apps. If they have not worked on apps similar to what you wish to build then their experience is of not much use to you. 3. Check their Resources what type of gears are they packing. Ask what tools they use to develop apps in React Native and what APIs they have to integrate. You as a non-technical individual may not understand much hence here is a list of the most commonly used APIs and tools by React Native developers that are used for pretty much all apps. APIs used by React Native Developers: • JDK - Java Development Kit • Android SDK • IOS SDKAvailable only with XCode • React CLI • React Native CLI Tools used by React Native developers: • ATOM / VS Code • Xcode • Android Studio • Terminal • Google Chrome 4. Cost of development is the next and final point to consider. This point doesn’t answer How to Hire React Native Developers but how much it would cost to hire a React Native Developer. There are many aspects to which the cost of React Native app development depends. Some of the aspects are: • How many features are to be built into the app • How advanced are the features • What type of UI/UX design is to be built for the app • What type of company are you hiring React Native app developers from In-country or Off- shore • Build an Android app from the scratch or just Platform porting/bug fixing for an existing app. • How much maintenance is needed for the app

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Page 3 Conclusion Hiring React Native developers may seem a tough job but if done right all the other jobs would become easy for you. So you need to hire the best React Native developers that you can find for your app development project. There are many flexible payment models on the basis of Full-time hire Part-time hire or hourly basis. You may also go for a professional React Native app development company who already possess an excellent team of developers. Connect with Us Website: Email: