Digital printing a long way from manual printing


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Digital printing a long way from manual printing :

Digital printing a long way from manual printing Early man made sketches of image on the caves and stones, which was beginning of the printing in human civilization. Then comes the printing in around 3000 BC in Mesopotamian civilization where the use of round cylinder seals were used for making an impression  on clay and  made  different types of art related beautiful work by duplicating the image technique. The initial stage of printing was woodblock printing.  In this type of printing, text images and other beautiful stuff was printed on cloth. Later due to impact of Buddhism this was started printing on paper. It firstly had its roots in East Asia in china about 220 AD. Then it goes to the Middle East in Rome Egypt around 4th century and block printing appeared in 9th to 10th century in Arabic Egypt for printing prayers and other religious purposes. Later it arrived in Europe for printing religious prayers, quotes and various other religion based thoughts and sayings around 1300. Europe acquired the whole woodblock printing from the Islamic world for fabric printing. After that, with the invention of paper around 1400, the revolution comes and the entire medium of printing transferred to paper. These woodblock printing was cheaper mode of printing books and manuscripts than the movable printing.

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The movable printing one more step ahead in printing progression  emerged in China around 1040 which uses the movable pieces of  metal type. Johann Gutenberg’s work on movable type printing came in approximately around 1440 which were considered to be the most important invention in printing and further spread across Europe and beginning of renaissance. The technology used the lead, antimony and tin which are in use, now also. Modern printing technology or digital printing press first developed in 1993. This changed the whole printing procedure and the printing which was being large sized was limited to printing press has moved to home now. All the bulky printing machinery which was earlier used has now becoming more and more portable and   now the printing, with the evolution of computers, more better quality printing can be created using different software and no worries of getting destroyed due to large storage as digital files in computers stored easily with all the security and in more quicker way. Get more information about digital printing, Printing Ft Lauderdale , Offset printing or benefits of each by visiting - Article Source: