How to Create the Best Product Photography for an Online Apparel Store

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EtherArts Product Photography describes how to create the best product photography for an online apparel store?


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Blog1: EtherArts Product Photography How to Create the Best Product Photography for an Online Apparel Store Almost all the clothing stores in the developed world have a firm foothold in the virtual world today courtesy their own ecommerce stores where the business owners strive to sell their products briskly. One does need to make a difference by attracting the ones eager to don new clothes at every opportunity by providing them with the very latest designs in fashion. However hiring a quality website product photography services happens to be most important here as the clothing needs to look as good as the real thing if not better. Strangely not all apparel stores online can have the same effect on the visitors. There are a few mistakes that most of the garment shops make while trying to display their wares on their websites. It would be foolhardy to follow in their footsteps therefore and keep losing the rare opportunity of making more conversions via superior product photography. Fashion Product Photography Errors to Avoid: Unprepared Garment – Having clothes in stock is not good enough for an online store display though. Remember that the garments can end up looking old and worse for wear on account of creases and wrinkles especially when you have received them from a storage far away from your own facility. You might even find some tattered clothes in stock. Sure you can do a good job editing out the faults by photoshopping the images However it will not be the best job if you do not have much skill in working with Photoshop. The next thing that you can try is to prepare the garments you want to display by cleaning them and ironing out the creases perfectly. Failing to do it will only cause the visitors to back out and you will be aghast to find that the entire stock of expensive garments lies unsold. Feel free to try using lint rollers on the clothing to eliminate the lint and strings from the brand new garments about to be put up for sale.

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Blog1: EtherArts Product Photography Using Models – Yes The golden rule of product photography happens to be capturing the image of the product alone and in isolation. However this rule does not hold true for apparel photography for you would have to reveal how good the fit is or how the design would look when worn. It is most important to use a mannequin or model to wear or drape it on their body so that the prospective customers feel encouraged to wear it themselves. While hiring the top model may be impossible due to budgetary constraints it would be best to use an alternative i.e. try to put the dress onto a mannequin so that the same effect can be created affordably.

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Blog1: EtherArts Product Photography Multiple Images – It is not enough to give the visitors a single view of the garment though. You have to showcase it from all sides apart from the front and back end. Ask the professional you have hired for product photography Atlanta to provide you with multiple images for the same product so that you gain the maximum advantage by displaying it from all conceivable angles. Sources: product-photography-for-an-online-apparel-store.html