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Slide 1:

Hope for love

Slide 2:

I don’t know where you are,

Slide 3:

All i know is that you have been made for me and only me…..

Slide 4:

I spent days thinking about you…

Slide 5:

I am spending my nights dreaming about you….

Slide 6:

I will love you i know that…

Slide 7:

I will cherish you .. i am confident….

Slide 8:

I am waiting for you….

Slide 9:

I am waiting for your love….

Slide 10:

I want you to want me like i do….

Slide 11:

I want you to love me….. More than i do…. I

Slide 12:

I want you to read my eyes and find whats within me…

Slide 13:

I want you to be happy with me…

Slide 14:

I want you to correct me when i am wrong…

Slide 15:

And listen to me when i am right….

Slide 16:

I don’t know when i will find you….

Slide 17:

I don’t know whether you will love me or hate me ….

Slide 18:

Or have no feelings at all for me…

Slide 19:

I don’t know if you will cry when i am sick …

Slide 20:

I don’t know whether you will remember me after i die…

Slide 21:

I dont know if i will become the person you want to spend the rest of your lif e ..

Slide 22:

But i sure can try and make my place in your heart….

Slide 23:

And i promise to love you till my last breath ….

Slide 24:

I want you to make me feel special…

Slide 25:

I want you to hold me when i cry….

Slide 26:

I want you …. and i want you badly…..

Slide 27:

I am waiting for you and hoping my hope never dies….

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