Is Your Injury Could Mean A Very Long Recovery

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If you recently suffered a serious injury and plan to file a personal injury claim to cover your losses, you must carefully consider all the areas of impact for the injury and think about your long-term needs and priorities. A strong strategy not only protects your interests, it alleviates many of the unfair pressures bearing down on you. Consult with catastrophic injuries attorney in Philadelphia at The Weitz Firm or call 267-587-6240.


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Is Your Injury Could Mean A Very Long Recovery

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In the immediate aftermath of a serious injury it is not always easy to take stock of the many ways that your recovery may impact your life. Building a fair injury claim depends not only on providing clear documentation of the medical costs the injury incurs but also the many other areas that suffer because of the injury.

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A settlement offer is just that — an offer. You do not have to accept an offer if it does not truly address your needs fairly. Be sure that you fully understand how long your recovery may take and the ongoing needs your injury may create as you heal. If you accept too low a settlement offer you may end up running out of compensation before you fully heal.

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Don’t allow an insurer to push a low settlement on you because you need to pay hospital bills. In many cases hospitals negotiate with patients or attorneys representing patients to allow flexibility in payment for this very reason.

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How Long Will The Recovery Take Any insurer facing a serious injury claim wants to keep the payout as low as possible because they are all businesses with bottom lines to consider and they find ways to avoid paying out where they can. However you may feel about this ethically it is generally legal but not a practice you have to accept.

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Will You Lose Some Functionality In many instances of severe injury the victim never regains full function. In your case this may mean the loss of mobility or may significantly impact your ability to do your work. Always look carefully at the long-term impact of any injury and include loss of function and its effects on your future income or ongoing needs in your claim.

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Your future comfort and recovery depend on a strong claim that fully demonstrates your suffering and losses. Be mindful to use all your resources to keep your rights and future secure with a strong claim. You need an experienced catastrophic injury attorney like The Weitz Firm LLC. for your serious injury claim.

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