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If you suspect that you or a loved one has been harmed due to the negligence of hospital staff, you need to seek legal assistance. When you need a hospital negligence attorney in Philadelphia, contact the Weitz Firm today. The knowledgeable and experienced attorney Eric H. Weitz will work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.


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1 Types Of Medication Errors To Look Out For When Receiving Medical Treatment In Pennsylvania

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Whenever you go to your local pharmacy or are otherwise purchasing a medication prescribed by your doctor keep in mind that prescription drug errors account for a large percentage of medical malpractice lawsuits in Pennsylvania and all across the U.S.

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Types Of Medication Errors To Look Out For Let’s review some of the most common types of medication errors any unsuspecting Pennsylvania resident can become a victim of: ➢ Doctors nurses or pharmacists administering the patient the wrong medication ➢ Administering the patient the wrong dosage i.e. overdose receiving too much or underdose receiving too little ➢ Failure to properly label the drug mislabeling

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➢ Administering or prescribing the patient a drug that the patient is allergic to the most common cause of this type of medication error is that the healthcare provider failed to review the patient’s medical history ➢ Administering or prescribing the patient a drug that increases the adverse effects of the other medication the patient is taking or vice versa and ➢ Failure to warn the patient of all the reasonably expected side effects of the drug.

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Administering The Wrong Medication Or Dosage More often than not it is advised to consult with an experienced medication error attorney in Philadelphia or elsewhere in Pennsylvania when harmed due to a prescription drug error. That’s because there can be many liable parties in your particular case as anyone and everyone who is involved with manufacturing labeling distributing advertising prescribing and administering medications can be held liable for medication errors.

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Causes Of This Particular Type Of Prescription Drug Error ➢ Simply making a mistake about what medication should be prescribed or what dosage to prescribe this one is most often caused by lack of medical experience or training on the part of the healthcare provider ➢ Missing or transposing a decimal point when prescribing medication dosage this can lead to the patient being administered the wrong dosage that exceeds the dosage that should have been prescribed by tens or hundreds of times ➢ Administering the medication in the wrong part of the body as you may have guessed by now in most cases nurses are responsible for this medication error and ➢ Administering the wrong medication or wrong dosage due to doctors’ bad handwriting in the prescription.

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If you have sustained an injury or illness because the medication was mislabeled or there was no proper warning of side effects you may able to bring a product liability lawsuit. However doctors may also be held liable for this type of medication error. Whatever is the case schedule a free consultation with a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer at The Weitz Firm LLC.

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