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Packaging tape for various product quantity are available. You can bind various food product available at auckland and preserve your food with best pickle. Epack provides you various types of packaging tapes under the adhesive tape kinds. Shop today.


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Packaging Tape Dispensers


A s in today world all are busy with their household work . For all the household and food suppliers organization, epack brings you best quality of packaging tape which will helps you to give great hook to your product. Shop today for various Epack adhesive tape


C loth tape - a premium industrial packaging tape When you are in search of a suitable packaging tape, there are a number of categories of adhesive tapes available in the market. You can take your pick based on your specific needs and packing requirements. Among various packaging tape collection, cloth tape is a very useful packing material which serves various purposes. We think it should be a must for every household. Moreover, it is popular for its extensive usage in packaging fields as it has excellent adhesive properties which do not dry easily. You can also use it for all packaging, and for maintenance and holding jobs. Furthermore, you get a non-waterproof version of this tape which is more economical.

Construction Tape – a Smart adhesive solution from Epack :

Construction Tape – a Smart adhesive solution from Epack Unwanted moisture and air are prime factors in building damage, causing decay, and corrosion responsible for structural durability. When it comes to preventing moisture and flashing, construction tape is on the front lines of defense among packaging tape . Nowadays construction tapes are transitioning from “optional” building materials to required products. Hence building professionals are relying on to improve the tightness of the building envelope. You can find different types in construction tape category.


Double sided tape-a quick all purpose packaging tape When it comes to finding the alternative of glue, double sided tape is definitely a viable and economical choice among packaging tape category. But what makes it so popular in the market? May be the easy usability and its safety feature. As a user of double sided tape, you don’t need to worry about skin damage or inhaling chemical fumes or other hazards associated with the use of glue. There are numerous types of double sided tapes available in the market which come in different shapes, sizes and moreover of types suited for specific applications. To help you identify which type is the best for use and for which purpose, we’ve listed down some of the most commonly-used types. Take a look at them below:


Know some facts about Filament tape Filament tape is one of the most versatile, pressure-sensitive packaging tape on the market and is used in industries such as food packaging to simple office administration. What makes filament tape so unique when compared to other packaging tapes of the same size? May be the quality of the material it is made of that gives it enough tensile strength. It is an essential requirement today in the packaging industry.

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