Difference Between Everest Base camp & Annapurna Base Camp


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Wondering whether to go for Everest Base Camp trek (EBC) or Annapurna base camp trek (ABC)? Let me guide you through as I have concurred Everest Base Camp before and recently returned from Annapurna Base Camp. Therefore, I believe I’ve acquired a firm grip on the advantages & disadvantages, similarities and dissimilarities between both treks.


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Wondering whether to go for Everest Base Camp trek EBC or Annapurna base camp trek ABC Let me guide you through as I have concurred Everest Base Camp before and recentlyreturned from Annapurna BaseCamp. Therefore I believe I’v e acquired a firmgrip ontheadvantages disadvantages similarities anddissimilaritiesbetween bothtreks. If y o u ’re in Nepal for just 2 weeks and planning about doing either Everest Base camp trek or Annapurna base camp trek I’ d suggest due to the variety in landscape. The EBC trek starts and concludes at such a lofty elevation that the landscape remains considerably consistentallthroughthehike.

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The ABC trek starts outsideofPokhra where it ’ s hotanddry. The routepursues ariver and at the starting my mate and I were able to swim around in cascades swimming holes due to the scorching sun. We strolled through lots of trees Rhododendron forests enclosed the route.Butthisscenicand warmlandscapeimmediatelytransformed assoon aswe gotnearto base camp. The day before we arrived at the base-camp we got trapped in a snowstorm. The next morning we strolled to Annapurna Base Camp from Machhapuchhare Base Camp duringsunrisewhere wehad to hikethrough thesnow.Though in some waystheEverest was more classic due to the cruel conditions the exhilaration of being able to witness the highest mountain in the globe Annapurna displayed the diversity spectacle of the Grand Himalayas.

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Another huge difference amid the 2 treks was during Everest Base Camp I had a porter and guide and for Annapurna Base Camp trek I went with a mate and we carried our own luggage and had no tour guide. However for the Everest base camp trek I’d certainly suggest having a guide and porter. Due to the height I felt eased out to have somebody carrying my baggage. Itmade theentireexperiencemuch more enviable.

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Another big difference amid the 2 treks is that Annapurna circuit trek is less crowded compared to Everest Base Camp. I personally d id n ’ t experience this because I went to Everest Base Camp at the starting of the hiking season and it w a sn ’ t that swarmed but I heard that during the middle of the trekking season it can be really wild in terms of tourist influx. If you are planning for EBC trekking I’d suggest going at the starting of the trek season to avoid yourself from the heavy crowd. However the Annapurna Circuit remains lesscrowded compared totheEBC. Overall I’d say that both of the treks are unbelievable but t h e y ’re certainly different experience and it relies on what y o u ’re looking for. Wish you a happier and safer trekking experience

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