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Writing a Short Essay:

Writing a Short Essay Intermediate 11 7a

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Both: Both of them are new Both of my cats like to play So do I / So am I: He likes soda and so do I They are short and so am I Similarly (in the same way): They were similarly dressed Orujo is a Spanish liquor made from grapes. Similarly , Pisco is made from grapes. Just like I do / I am: He hates insects, just like I do He is French, just like I am However (But): the first part was easy; the second, however, took hours Whereas (while on the contrast): I like to go swimming, whereas Sheila likes to go fishing In contrast Peruvians like limes. In contrast, Peruvians like lemons On the other hand: Peruvians like soccer. On the hand, Americans like football Comparison Contrast

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