Marble Flooring (Pros & Cons) – All You Need to Know About


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Natural stones always fascinate us when used in the construction and decoration of our living and working spaces. Out of all, marble stones offer the superior appearance and augment the more natural beauty of your spaces than others.


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By - World of Stones USA:

By - World of Stones USA Marble Flooring guide (Merits & Demerits)


Introduction In simple geological term, marble is a metamorphic rock when limestone is passing through metamorphism process due to heat and pressure in the crust of the earth, be it on land or at the submarine level. Being a  kind of limestone , marble is a calcareous  type of rock containing chiefly calcite (CaCO3 compound) and other miscellaneous impurities including sands, clays, iron, and other minerals.

What Are Physical Properties of Marble Stone?:

What Are Physical Properties of Marble Stone ? Marble accepts polishing amazingly and resulting in a waxy and glossy surface is giving a thin transparent layer on the top of the mass with veins, color patches, and patterns. It renders marbles the best material for designing sculptures.

How Is Production of Marble Stone Takes Place Commercially?:

How Is Production of Marble Stone Takes Place Commercially ?

Pros & Cons of Marble Floorings:

Pros & Cons of Marble Floorings

Pros of Marble Floorings or Marble Paving:

Pros of Marble Floorings or Marble Paving Natural Aesthetics Resistant to Climatic Adversity Versatility Stylists Uniqueness Natural Translucency

Cons of Marble Floorings or Marble Paving:

Cons of Marble Floorings or Marble Paving Scratching Surfaces Tough Matching Replacement Expensive Choice Delicate Material Acid Sensitive Not for DIY Installation

Is Marble Flooring Good?:

Is Marble Flooring Good ? However, marble stones have great aesthetic appeal and natural beauty that none can resist it. If your budget permits and you are ready for the regular maintenance, modern technologies can help you a lot. You can bring soberness and natural splashes of colors, patterns, and designs in your home and around spaces by selecting proper  types of marbles  stones and designs. In short, marble is an excellent flooring or paving material today.

Types of Marble Flooring:

Types of Marble Flooring Calacatta Marble Carrara Marble Talathello Marble Emperador Marble CremaMarfil Marble Levadia Black Marble

Is Marble Floor Hard To Maintain?:

Is Marble Floor Hard To Maintain ? Marble reacts with acids and spill of lemon juices or vinegar like acidic stuff can leave permanent damages on the surfaces. However, the latest technologies for coating and sealing the marble surfaces render it useful in most of the cases, and you have to go to periodic reapplications to maintain its original beauty.

How to Polish Marble Flooring?:

How to Polish Marble Flooring ? 1 – Prepare Tools & Solutions 2 – Clean the surfaces of marble stones

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3 – Apply polishing compound 4 – Apply marble sealant


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