Opening Sequence Research Part 4

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Catch Me if You Can :

Catch Me if You Can - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 31 January 2003 - Running time: 141 minutes - Link: The opening sequence to this film is animated and in each shot they only use a limited amount of colours as demonstrated in the screenshots taken. The camera follows one character which changes clothes to suit his surroundings but equally in this sequence the surroundings change to suit him. The constant use of black emphasises the animosity of the main character in the film as he keeps on disappearing. The music in the film is recognisable when used again in the film, and is fast paced it emphasise the urgency and the fact that the main character in the film is constantly running away from the authorities hence the title ‘Catch Me if You Can’.

Reservoir Dogs:

Reservoir Dogs - Rating: 18 - UK Release Date: 15th January 1993 - Running time: 99 minutes - Link: The iconic start of Reservoir Dogs is a slow motion scene of the group walking down an American street. The footage is slowed down to almost to a jumpy point the the camera cuts to a close up of the main characters and the credits roll below them in yellow serif font. As the group walk into the distance more credits roll and then just a black background and the rest of the credits roll. The music is an iconic song called ‘Little Green Bag’ an upbeat song to a slowed down pace.

The Avengers Assemble:

The Avengers Assemble - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 26th April 2012 - Running time: 143 minutes - Link: This opening sequence is close ups and extreme close ups of the superheroes featured in the film such as Captain Americas shield and Iron Man’s suit. The close up show all the scratches and scrapes on the armour and uniform to show that they have been used and all the tarnish they get is scratches and that they can’t break thus the idea of a superhero is a super human being. There is also a graphic match at the end of the sequence matching Iron Mans heart to the moon in the night sky. The music is orchestral much like Captain America which is typical of superhero movies specifically Marvel superhero movies.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - Rating: 18 - UK Release Date: 25th January 2008 - Running time: 116 minutes - Link: The sequence follows a drop of blood after panning over an establishing wide shot of the iconic skyline of victorian London setting the scene of the film it was also raining in that Victorian London which is pathetic fallacy for what will happen in the movie. Very low key lighting has been used to give it a horror feel. The sequence follows some blood throughout the whole thing the only bright flash of red in a black and white Victorian world. As the sequence continues the amount of blood on screen increases. Also the red continues when the title of the film appears the name ‘Sweeney Todd’ Almost linking him directly to the blood onscreen. The music is dramatic and orchestral adding to the horrific nature of the film.

Forrest Gump:

Forrest Gump - Rating: 12 - UK Release Date: 7th October 1994 - Running time: 142 minutes - Link: The Opening sequence to Forrest Gump is a single take following a white feather, the white in the feather emphasises Forrest’s innocence. The feather is falling to the earth as it falls the shot shows an establishing wide shot of a city in America. The feather in this sequence represents Forrest in the movie, as the wind blows are the car drives away that creates a different path for the feather to fall until it lands on Forrest's shoe. If something went differently in the path the feather took to get there the feather would have landed in a completely different place. The music is orchestral but it is an almost fairytale like sound highlighting Forrest’s innocence in the film.