Opening Sequence Research: Part 3

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Bunraku - Rating: 18 - UK Release Date: n/a - Running time: 124 minutes - Link: This sequence is a mixture of live action and cartoon. This also has a voiceover telling a story and setting the scene. The start is puppets controlled by people dressed in black which is quite a childlike way of storytelling which is juxtaposed to the actual film, and it is telling a story of the history of the world highlighting the destructive parts of it. It ends with a Dutch tilted shot of two sides looking like they are about to start a fight, with the text in the middle ‘Bunraku’ in red which has violent and dangerous connotations.

Dinner For Schmucks:

Dinner For Schmucks - Rating: 15 - UK Release Date: 20th August 2010 - Running time: 114 minutes - Link: This opening sequence is a series of close ups of a man making models from mice, one female mouse with red hair, and one male mouse having a romance. The romantic theme carries on through the film. The shirt being ironed and the dramatic size difference emphasises how big the person is and how small the mice are. When the scene of the mice had been finished the camera then panned to a wide shot of the finished scene. The music in this scene is a pop song called ‘Fool on The Hill’. Along with the clumsy looking writing gives a sense of naïvety and sensitivity.

Captain America: The First Avenger:

Captain America: The First Avenger - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 29th July 2010 - Running time: 124 minutes - Link: The opening sequence of this film has a very limited colour palette mainly using red, blue and white matching the costume of the superhero, but often using yellow and black in the animations as well. They used 3D animation of the typical style of propaganda at the time that the movie was set. A graphic match has been used many times in this sequence to flow different propaganda posters together. The font does not have lower case, only capitals are used to match the strong superhero style of the film. The orchestral music is non-diegetic and it is similar to a national anthem to inspire people and is used often in superhero movies.

Ocean’s Eleven :

Ocean’s Eleven - Rating: PG - UK Release Date: 10th August 1960 - Running time: 127 minutes - Link: The opening sequence of this film is based on casinos as that is linked to the storyline of the film with the lights, slot machine and dice. It is using a dated editing style and mimics the neon lights of Vegas The credits are then placed around the lights, on the slot machine and the dice. The actors names are then put next to the numbers counting from one to eleven highlighting their importance of their characters in the film. The music fits inn with the casino theme.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World:

Scott Pilgrim vs The World - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 25th August 2010 - Running time: 112 minutes - Link: This film is based on a series of comic books and a video game so the film is like a live action comic book with the apparent use of editing with names and ages on screen. You also get a video game feel from the universal logo is pixelated and with the old video game music. When the band play the song we are almost watching it from the point of view of Knives an that the band playing is not just a listening experience but a visual one too. Making their music seem more amazing than it is. This is clear that it is an Edgar Wright film as it has a specific look to the film.