Opening Sequence Research: Part 2

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Edward Scissorhands:

Edward Scissorhands - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 26th July 1990 - Running time: 105 minutes - Link: The opening sequence to Edward Scissorhands starts off with a black frame and the title of the feature appears in white text. I do not know the name of the font but it is in capitals and is at an unconventional angle. Adding to the creepy feel. It then cuts to many still machines and models with a limited palette with a strong blue tone adding to the cold and creepy feel. The opening sequence is made more disturbing with the music used.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Rating: PG - UK Release Date: 28th April 2005 - Running time: 109 minutes - Link: This movie starts with something a dolphin said, which was ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ Which is also the title of the song played at the start. the very beginning is a small square of movie not filling up the screen of dolphins. After the text of ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’ appears the screen gets bigger and the song starts. Then the opening credits are in white text next to footage of dolphins. The whole section ends with the dolphins leaving Earth because they knew that it was going to be destroyed. This makes the audience feel shocked as they have just seen their home destroyed.


Juno - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 8th February 2007 - Running time: 96 minutes - Link: This opening sequence is very unique as it is a mixture of live action and animation. The animation giving it a childlike feel as it is often used in children's programmes. Also when The main focus of the opening sequence, is drinking a bottle of orange juice which had childlike connotations. Also in the opening sequence is a guitar shop that changes into a baby shop which foreshadows what happens in the movie for the protagonist. The song is just someone singing a song with a simple tune which adds to the childishness of the start. The start is childish as it reflect how young the two main characters are and the fact that they are going to have a baby.


Se7en - Rating: 18 - UK Release Date: 5th January 1996 - Running time: 127 minutes - Link: The opening sequence to Se7en is full of extreme close ups of some unusual and disturbing images this makes the viewer feel claustrophobic . The whole thing has low level lighting to not show much of what is in the frame to emphasises the animosity of the film and the focus of the film as this matches the storyline of the film, which is about a serial killer and people trying to find out who that person is. The title is white font on black opposite from what is the norm to highlight how disturbing and chilling the film is going to be. There is also a part of the film is someone drawing a line over the eyes of a child, the eyes are known as the most expressive part of a face and are unique in everyone, the fact that the eyes are blacked out shows how disturbing this person is. This opening sequence is posed to make the audience ask many questions about the film which makes them want to watch the rest of the film.


Splice - Rating: 15 - UK Release Date: 23rd July 2010 - Running time: 104 minutes - Link: For this opening sequence, they have used a very limited colour palette only using greens, blacks and whites. They have also used low level lighting to make it feel dark and enclosed almost trapped. The green has been used to give it a specific eerie feel. At the very end of the sequence a beating heart is heard and seen underneath the green skin emphasising the fact that the creature is alive. Some of the titles are made with the skin and some are make with white text on top of the CGI film. I like the idea of having the credits integrated in with the film and I would like to add this to my production.