Opening Sequence Research: Part 1

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This is the first part of my movie opening sequences research for AS Media


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Research: Five Opening Sequences:

Research: Five Opening Sequences By Emily Ashman

Napoleon Dynamite:

Napoleon Dynamite Rating: PG UK Release Date: 26th December 2004 Running Time: 82 minutes Link: Opening titles consist of the credits written on meals, on ID cards and stationary. All of these things are all connected to a high school experience. All of the things featured in the opening titles are connected to the characters in the film. For instance the actors name Jon Gries was written on the food that his character eats in the film. Also the writers had their names written on stationary. The song used in the opening sequence is called “We're Going To Be Friends” by the White Stripes it has a simple childlike quality by having just a guitar and the singer. The song is about school life which fits the movie and the title sequence and gives the audience and idea of the plot. The whole sequence is very simple but gives off the right childlike effect. The whole thing is just under 3 minutes long which is a good length for an opening sequence.

James Bond: Die Another Day:

James Bond: Die Another Day - Rating: 12A - UK Release Date: 20th November 2002 - Running time: 133 minutes - Link: The opening of ‘Die Another Day’ consist of the title of the movie in a strong red making a stand out as the rest of the movie up to that point was monochrome. The titles were based on the main character - James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan, getting tortured. There are CGI women and Scorpions also added to the opening sequence. They also use an extreme close up shot of an eye to make the viewer feel claustrophobic and to give the viewer a sense of what it would be like to be tortured. they also have a close up shot of a pair of womens shoes with the female stars credits beside them the audience then assumes that they are the shoes of the character that she is playing. The music is performed by Madonna and the song has the same title as the movie. The music to this sequence is as important than what is happening on screen. It is also just over 3 minutes long, which is relatively long for an opening sequence.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Rating: 12 - UK Release Date: 26th September 1975 - Running time: 100 minutes - Link: The opening sequence from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is very simple, but effective, it is also longer than most of the opening sequences I have seen. The frame is an extreme close up of a large pair of red lips (also featured in the poster) singing “Science Fiction/ Double Feature” and every minute or so, the picture of the mouth would freeze, showing the credits and the title of the feature. The font to the credits is red and dripping resembling blood. I can also see that they only use a limited number of colours - red, black and white all adding to the ‘horror’ feel of the movie. The text and the mouth is very iconic and very recognisable making it an very effective opening to a movie.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Rating: 15 - UK Release Date: 25th May 1975 - Running time: 91 minutes - Link: The opening sequence to ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’ is very unique. As it uses subtitles to create a joke for the audience. The subtitles end up telling the audience how his sister ‘got bitten by a moose’ and after ‘those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked, have been sacked’ the credits contain many moose jokes. And finally after they create a whole new set of credits they contain a large amount of the word Llama. This way of an opening sequence thinking outside of the box and makes the audience laugh from the very beginning. the frame is very simple black with white writing and a very simple font. Until, 3:11 when they use flashing bright green and red with black writing as a good juxtaposition this makes the joke funnier.

Saturday Night Fever:

Saturday Night Fever - Rating: PG - UK Release Date: 16 December 1977 - Running time: 118 minutes - Link: The opening to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ Starts with a big establishing wide shot of New York City, then cuts to a close up shot of a pair of bright red shoes and the title of the feature. The clothing of the main character is very important, he stands out of the crowed in his red and black because the rest of the crowd on the street are wearing grey and brown. they also have a low angle shot of the main character walking making him look important. and all the way through this there is red text showing the credits of the makers of this film. The song playing all the way though this sequence is ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by the ‘Bee Gees’ an iconic song from the film well known and very popular in the seventies.