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http://www.emaildatagroup.net/b2b-tech-lists/sap-users-list.asp SAP SE is one of the largest ERP software solution providers across the world. Marketers from technology sector are presently targeting the global SAP user clients to improve their sales outcome. If you are also following the trend, first purchase an authentic list of companies using SAP from a proper vendor. Be careful! Because most of the data vendors you will encounter with, are not capable of providing accurate contact data. At Email Data Group, we care for our client marketers and provide databases that can add value to your campaigns. We have developed our database with the list of Fortune 500 companies that use SAP, from globally authorized data sources like business directories, trade fairs, seminars and conferences, opt-in email addresses, etc. Therefore, each data you get from our database is 100% authentic and accurate. Ask for quotes today! Website: http://www.emaildatagroup.net/ Call Us: (800) 710-4895 Email Us: [email protected]


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S O U R C E S C R E A T E D B Y E m a i l D a t a G r o u p C o n t a c t u s f o r : S A P U s e r s L i s t W r i t e u s a t : i n f o e m a i l d a t a g r o u p . n e t C a l l u s t o l l - f r e e : 1 - 8 0 0 - 7 1 0 - 4 8 9 5 s a p . c o m / s o l u t i o n . h t m l l o b s o l u t i o n s s e a r c h s a p . t e c h t a r g e t . c o m / d e f i n i t i o n / S A P 7 5