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Logistics script is a CMS based software to develop websites for the logistics business sector to track consignment and shipping details. Feel free to explore the demo version here http://www.logisticsscript.com/logistics-tracking-script-demo.php


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Eicra Logistics Script:

Book & track your shipment worldwide Eicra Logistics Script http://www.logisticsscript.com/


O verview Eicra logistics script is a solution for online freight forwarding logistics service. It’s a strong CMS driven web application.


F eatures Track Shipment / Consignment Visitor can trace the shipment status by H/AWB no. Business Network You can easily create, customize the layout of your site through a visual tool called Layout Editor. Administrator Feature Managing website from FrontEnd and BackEnd . Multi-Language Support. Publishing Customized Ads from administration area. Google Adsense is added by default to earn ads revenue. Create sub-admin with restricted privilege. Activate or De-activated a User and many more.

Features (Cont.):

F eatures ( C ont. ) Security Features IPv4 and IPv6 based Blocking control system. You can set administrator approval for any action you want. Email / Account Blocking. Captcha Image Verification for forms. Built in send mail system to prevent email stealing. The application has various image setting, file extensions and watermarking features. Regular security audits. Failed login notification alerts send to admin with IP and other headers. Allow / Deny IP(s )

System Requirements:

S ystem R equirements Eicra Logistics Script Software ready to be set up on your web server. This script is examined on many servers with different setups, it will work fine on standard web server or shared hosting plan. Please ask your server administrator or hosting provider about these requirements: PHP 5.2.8 or later MySQL version 5.0 or later PHP DECODERS Some parts of the Eicra Logistics Script code are encoded and require a PHP decoder in order to run. There are two available and both free.  Zend Optimizer version 3.3.3 or later OR ionCube Loader version 4.4.1 (Higher)

System Requirements (Cont.):

S ystem R equirements ( C ont.) MYSQL SERVER Any web server daemon - such as Apache, nginx , IIS which is fully compatible with the required PHP configuration. Operating System - Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows or Mac GD complied with your PHP Build – Yes SendMail – Yes PHP safe mode – OFF The PHP function file_get_content () to be enabled PHP memory_limit - 32M PHP CURL – Yes Minimum Web Space - 350 mb

Platform Technology:

P latform T echnology Logistics script is prepared utilizing the most popular technology of the current universe. The following technologies are utilized to develop the application.


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S upport ( C ont. ) HELP DESK Submit a ticket and receive professional assistance Track ticket responses and dialogue View articles, troubleshooters, news & more! CONTACT US Contact us via our contact form for a response via email

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C ontact U s Address : Eicra Soft Ltd. House # 06 (1st Floor), Road # 33, Aptt . # B1, Gulshan-1 , Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh. Telephone : + 880-2-9857484, 9856887, 9862613, 9859072 E-mail : [email protected] URL : http://www.logisticsscript.com/