How to Choose the right Nursery for your Kid!

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As a parent you want your child to have the best experiences possible.Below are some tips which you might consider while selecting a nursery for your child.


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How to choose a best Nursery in Dubai for your kid Sending your child to a nursery might seem like a small step but great things usually come from small beginnings. The nursery is the right place for the child’s foundation for lifelong progress. This is the first place where a child learns to communicate with his teachers and fellow students along the wide variety of activities. These activities are designed to encourage your child’s social creative verbal and listening skills as well as his physical development. With so many Nursery Schools in Dubai to choose from it can be the momentous task to figure out the best nurseries in Dubai. In order to shape a healthy academic life for your child in the future it’s your responsibility to search determinedly the best nursery in Dubai. Quick Tips: As a parent you want your child to have the best experiences possible. Below are some tips which you might consider while selecting a nursery for your child: 1. Choosing the right curriculum: There are different types of educational curriculums offered in Dubai. Usually pre-schools categorize it as ‘International’ ‘Montessori’ or ‘IB’ based in the name. Before seeking the admission it becomes really important to enquire about their management and the concerned staffs if they are really equipped with the curriculum they showcase.

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2. Choosing the Right Facilities and Campus: Properly structured learning environment aids development. It is usually advisable to visit the nursery in order to observe the physical space from classrooms to playgrounds to determine how safe and comfortable your child will be. A classroom’s decor should reflect the children in it a stimulating environment with colors will excite your child to go to the nursery. 3. Quality of the Staff: Without a doubt parents should be looking for nurseries in Dubai which employ qualified teachers. Check if it is possible to have a quick word with the teacher meant to be educating your child. You can ask questions to teachers like the routine she follows in the classroom and what methods she/he incorporates in order to cater needs of different students. This will help you in providing a clear picture of what you should expect from your child once you enroll them at a nursery. 4. Location and Transportation: Even if you may have found the perfect nursery for your child in all criteria but at the last moment you discover that your child has to travel almost 2 hours every day to reach the school. So make sure you find the time to commute before handing over the cheque. 5. Recommendations from Parents: One of the best ways to learn about the nursery is to ask the parents who have already enrolled their children in the same nursery. You might also ask for recommendations from the parents who are living in the vicinity. 6. Tuition fees: Like everything else that we purchase quality is more important than price. You could be paying 30000 AED per year for a nursery and getting poor value or you could be paying 50000 AED for a nursery giving you exceptional value in terms of enriched learning. There is a long list of nurseries in Dubai you need to determine your budget and research the available schools in that price range. 7. Check the illness policy: This policy ensures that children who become unwell whilst at the nursery are treated with proper supervision and care. Their parents should be informed right away and in case their condition worsens the nursery should be responsible enough to take them either to a hospital or to a doctor.

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8. Safety Measures: The Safety and Security of children at the nursery is very important and it starts right at the gates of the nursery. Installing security measures like camera system and number lock gate in a daycare center gives parents a sense of security. 9. Proper Toy cleaning schedule: Sanitizing toys and materials in pre-school is utmost important as pre-school is a place where kids share toys hugs and kisses as well as coughs and sneezes along with germs is common. Any toys that are mouthed sneezed or drooled on become unhealthy naturally. 10. Encourages parental Involvement: Check for your pre-school’s first-day policy perhaps it will be the first time your child will be with strangers. Avoid any place where you are told to be brave and just leave the child to them. Also check the schedule of pre-school events where parents are invited and put it on your calendar. Ultimately ‘the impact of your child’s early years’ education will stay with them throughout their life. So it takes a vigilant eye to look past the advertisements and choose the one that works best for you and your child. Keep in mind the best nurseries in Dubai are not always the biggest and most expensive. Choose sensibly and you will see the fruits of your labor in your child’s smile every day as they happily jump out of bed to rush to the nursery.