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Great project management leads to project success, and great workforce management software leads to overall workforce success.


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Contact Us 120 Matheson Boulevard East Suite 203 Mississauga ON Canada L4Z1X1 Phone: 647 620 9490 Website: https://www.educationedge.ca Great project management leads to project success and great workforce management software leads to overall workforce success. Proper scheduling is the foundation of workforce management. Agner Krarup Erlands original algorithm has evolved to include richer state management features such as availability budgets state and federal law restrictions wages skills time off and holidays. Your company would benefit from a workforce management tool that includes all of these features.  Time Tracking Any method that relies on spreadsheets to keep track of your workforce is fraught with the possibility of human error. Thats why you should make sure that whatever workforce management tool you choose includes a time tracking feature. You can view tracked time in relation to project status download reports submit timesheets online and track progress in real time with good time tracking software.  Planning Collaborating With Your Workforce Because no two workforces are alike its critical that your software incorporates a workforce planning feature. This entails IT Software Construction and Marketing plans tailored to each team. A good workforce planning tool will let you plan projects track issues collaborate with teams and keep an eye on risks.  Scheduling With the right project scheduling tool you can get complete visibility into your projects online so your team can see changes to their schedules in real time no matter where they are. This should also give your employees a clearer picture of which deliverables are required and when they are due allowing them to better prioritise their tasks ahead of time.  Monitoring Reporting

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Aside from time tracking one of the most important aspects of workforce management is monitoring and reporting on your employees progress. You wont know how or when to pivot to the most optimal schedule without the added element of analysing your workforces performance. Make sure any workforce management tool you use has a monitoring and reporting feature so you can see if youre on schedule or not. Looking for more Workforce Management Tools Go through an effective PMP exam prep course Toronto today