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Fides Et Ratio:

Fides Et Ratio Original Text By: Blessed Pope John Paul II By: Joshua Edgar


praefatio Written in 1998 Response to the desire to reinvigorate catholic philosophy. Was to become one of the most influential encyclicals of the later 20 th century .

Empiricism Vs. Metaphysics:

Empiricism Vs. Metaphysics Empirics-The ability to properly order characteristics of object through the use of one or more of the five senses Metaphysics-The study of what cannot be defined using empirical process How do we reconcile?

Faith and Reason?:

Faith and Reason? How do we reconcile the faith and philosophy? They are naturally intertwined, as been the case throughout history. “Truth and Freedom go hand in hand, or together they perish in misery.”

Intellectus Fidei Vs. Auditus Fidei:

Intellectus Fidei Vs. Auditus Fidei Understanding faith either through our own knowledge or what is taught to us. Two separate methodologies

Current State of Philosophy:

Current State of Philosophy Has been growing increasingly Anti-Theological since the Late middle ages Rationalism, instead of faith, currently is the basis of Philosophy Has developed into a perpetual cycle of Nihilistic thought

Sapiential Dimension:

Sapiential Dimension Need for a new philosophical underpinning Essential for combating our current worldly problems.


Conclusion Faith and reason are forever intertwined The current state of philosophy is Nihilistic Relativism. A new “Sapiential Dimension” is need to properly restore Philosophy.

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