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Questionnaire results:

Questionnaire results A questionnaire was carried out on 21 st October 2010. The participants ranged from 15 – 35+ years of age and both genders.

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We asked 20 people this question and the results came back with a direct split between the two. This shows us that our audience are undecided weather the genre is well recognised or not. However a factor that might have affected the results because some of the participants who took part in the questionnaire found it difficult to differentiate between a horror and a thriller. Taking this into consideration the results show no favouritism to either answer. Do you feel that the Thriller genre is one that is well recognised?

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Do you feel that there is a gap in the Thriller market? We stayed with the same 20 participants throughout the questionnaire and for the next question we found a result we receive. 17 participants stated that they felt there was a gap in the market while only 3 felt that there wasn’t. This is very positive feedback because we wanted our audience to demand more Thriller films and that is what we intend to do.

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Do you think London would be an ideal location for a Thriller? The results above clearly show us that 16 participants do think that London would be an ideal location while 4 people didn’t agree. Again this was the result we hoped for because it meant that we are providing the things that the audience wants'. None of the questions disappointed us and we received the results we wanted.

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