How To Connect Android Phone To TV

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How To Connect Android Phone To TV Android smart phones have become remarkably popular throughout the world and is used broadly anywhere. The important advantage of Android operating platform will be that you can download large amount of free Apps from Google Play and also its compatible with HD Televisions Computers and MP3 players. You will find various options for connecting your Android mobile to TV and easiest way is connecting through HDMI cable having an MHL connection on side. MHL is a connect top which is present in a few popular Android Smart phones. Its portion of micro USB port and a number of people do not notice it directly. Also many Android mobiles contain micro-HDMI port which also allows one to connect or Monitors and your mobile. Though this option helps to work HD videos in the Android mobile to a bigger screen the drawback is that you simply require a more cable and also an Adapter to ensure you have flawless display of videos. Going here: facts for details. The majority of these Android smart phones consist of micro HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface ports that can be utilized to send signals to your HD tv that one can be used for projecting photos or videos your Android phone. The following article explains how to connect a Motorola Droid X Android mobile to your HD TV with HDMI port. First you ought to take the High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable provided along side your device and connect it to the HDMI port in your Android mobile that will be seen on straight back in Droid X. This is really a micro HDMI port which takes a type-D connector using one side of the cable and also you can join with your TV that has regular HDMI port utilizing the type A connector found on other side of the HDMI cable. The next thing to do is to launch your Gallery App on your Android phone and pick the set of photos or videos that youll like view on your own HD TV. After choosing the video you can view set of controls onto the screen that allows you to navigate through photos or videos in your device as your display them. In case you want to launch the player controls you can tap the Play icon present at the top left corner that has HDMI caption onto it. Click on the Pause/Play button to playing with the videos or photos in your HD TV that get streamed in your Android mobile. You can also change the settings including refresh rates and screen-resolution in the event the default settings are no longer working properly for you. You should also bear in mind that certain Apps dont permit HDMI output which includes popular Apps like YouTube and Blockbuster. You can also play Music from your Android phone on your TV speakers using the default Music App in your screen. Theres also option called Mirror On Display which allows you to duplicate the time screen output signal from the Android device to HD TV or HDMI monitor. This program can be quite suitable for those who want rented movie from other or NetFlix Video on Demand websites.

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There are also additional options that are coming up recently like Miracast thats a wireless technique that allows mirroring the monitor output of ones Android Device on your own HD TV and can be similar to Airplay option available in iPhones. This choice is available just from Android 4.2 Jellybean and different later variation and necessitates Wi-Fi internet connection in your home. These are a few alternatives for connecting your Android mobile to TV.