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Code of Ethics for Whistleblowing Hotline Providers Kate W. Butchart The Ethics Institute of South Africa Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa August 2005

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.”: 

'Integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.' - Anonymous

The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicSA): 

The Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicSA) Non-profit organization founded in August 2000 to address the need for moral renewal in South Africa Independent, completely ethics-dedicated institution Over 160 organizational and individual members from SA public, private, and nonprofit sectors Projects include Ethics Officer certification, Code of Conduct/Ethics development, research, ethics audits, and management training Sets ethical standard for Sub-Saharan Africa

Vision, Mission, Activities, and Guiding Values: 

Vision, Mission, Activities, and Guiding Values Vision: a more ethical South Africa Mission: to achieve this goal through promoting ethical initiatives in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Activities: encouraging debate on ethical issues, initiating and facilitating ethics research, contributing to ethics education and training, producing ethics publications, facilitating development and implementation of ethics codes, providing ethics consultations and audits, and assisting development of public policy. Guiding Values: honesty, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and fairness.

Whistleblowing Hotlines: 

Whistleblowing Hotlines Provide employees with an anonymous avenue for reporting white collar crime in the workplace Mandated by Section 301 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) for all NYSE-listed companies Recommended by the SA Institute of Directors King II Report (2002) as a component of a successful ethics management program Threats: low employee perception of effectiveness, fear of victimization, no top management buy-in Most effective when operated by an external provider rather than internally

The SA whistleblowing hotline industry: 

The SA whistleblowing hotline industry Enormous growth since it started in 2002 Highly fragmented Three main players: KPMG Ethics Line, Deloitte’s Tip-Offs Anonymous, and Whistle Blowers (once part of PWC) Many smaller players that could potentially provide substandard service

EthicSA recognized the need…: 

EthicSA recognized the need… Second-rate players entered market solely for financial gain Disregard for ethical nature of hotline Under-qualified operators Non-secure and inefficient operating procedures Substandard technological equipment

…for an industry standard Code of Ethics: 

…for an industry standard Code of Ethics Develop and publish a Code of Ethics Certify hotline providers that conform Perform annual, random call center inspections to assure the integrity of the certification Market certified hotline operators as 'preferred providers' to organizational members

The Process Primary Research: 

The Process Primary Research Need to balance client desires and best practice with feasibility Step #1: Interviews with 30 SA company representatives regarding desired services, perceptions of the hotline, and internal culture Step#2: Interviews with 8 hotline service providers regarding feasibility (5 South African, 2 American, 1 Australian)

The Results: Clients: 

The Results: Clients

The Results: Clients Values for hotline service providers: 

The Results: Clients Values for hotline service providers Integrity Efficiency Independence Safety Availability

The Results: Service Providers: 

The Results: Service Providers Overwhelming support for the Code of Ethics Most 'essential services' were deemed feasible and not cost-prohibitive Marketing/certification aspect very appealing

Code of Ethics: Creation: 

Code of Ethics: Creation Analyzed core values cited by clients and attached behaviors to those values Quality assurance and feasibility were primary concerns Arranged according to five key values: integrity, efficiency, independence, safety, and availability


Integrity Ensuring that operators are of a high ethical and professional standing Maintaining confidentiality by having one channel of contact following through on cases from start to finish Performing services that are advertised in an efficient manner Improving service constantly Producing high quality call transcripts


Efficiency Performing services in a timely manner Ensuring that operators are thoroughly trained to extract the most pertinent information Providing customization possibilities for each client Recording calls and storing such calls for future reference Providing customized internal marketing materials for each client Training management on safety provisions Informing employees of the anonymous nature of the hotline Providing a helpline for the hotline


Independence Not providing auditing or accounting services for the client Maintaining separate facilities from the client company and other hotline operators Informing employees of the independent nature of the call center


Safety Ensuring the anonymity of each and every caller Guaranteeing confidentiality Informing employees about safety provisions


Availability Providing a toll-free hotline number Providing live operator service 24 hours/day in English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, and Sesotho, with all 11 official languages available during business hours Providing avenues for free fax/email/postal disclosures

Code of Ethics: Status: 

Code of Ethics: Status Currently in editing phases Will be published 2006 In meantime, EthicSA will begin marketing/certification process Successful Summer 2005!

EthicSA(Clockwise from left front: Sadecca Mannathoko, Gwladys Tedga, Willem Landman, Mandy Thackwray, Annelize Worst, Kate Butchart, Willem Punt.) : 

EthicSA (Clockwise from left front: Sadecca Mannathoko, Gwladys Tedga, Willem Landman, Mandy Thackwray, Annelize Worst, Kate Butchart, Willem Punt.)

Swazi Children: 

Swazi Children



Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe: 

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Kruger National Park: 

Kruger National Park

Southernmost baobab in Africa: 

Southernmost baobab in Africa

Table Mountain, Cape Town: 

Table Mountain, Cape Town




Inhaca Island, Mozambique


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