West Is West

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Opening Title Deconstruction West Is West:

Opening Title Deconstruction West Is West By Farhanaz Duymun AS Media

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We are show 3 productions companies, which demonstrates the importance of production companies in a film. One of them is very well known, BBC Films, however that doesn’t mean that this film is a high budget film. This is a small budget TV movie.

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‘BBC Films’ is shown again which we can assume because it was the main production company for this film. After that is shown, the other production company follows with shots of an industrial town. This gives us an insight to where the film is set. The title of the film is shown in a very simplistic font, not giving mush away on the narrative.

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The cast is then shown in pairs, which gives us an idea that there is not just one dominant character, they all have equal roles in the film. No crew members are shown in the opening credits which illustrates how much smaller the budget is for this film as no big names are shown.


Extras Order of names - Production Companies - Film Title - Cast Certification - 15 Genre – Comedy/Drama