What is dental veneer? What are the advantages of porcelain veneer?

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veneers are porcelain veneers or porcelain shells that are customized to fit the teeth. Although sounding similar to that of crown, you must not confuse dental veneer with crown. Visit for details: http://drrothsmile.blogspot.com/2017/11/what-is-dental-veneer-what-are.html


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What is dental veneer What are the advantages of porcelain veneer Dental veneers are porcelain veneers or porcelain shells that are customized to fit the teeth. Although sounding similar to that of crown you must not confuse dental veneer with crown. The dental veneer is supposed to cover only front portion of your teeth to help you smile better. Not only smile but also veneer can improve the color shape of the teeth along with its alignment. So you may avoid the crown and can still brighten your smile making it perfect. So we can say that the chief purpose of taking dental veneers service Laguna Hills is improving appearance and health of the teeth. The veneer can almost appear as the shell of the natural teeth to camouflage stains and discoloration over the tooth. Your teeth will appear whiter straighter and shinier. Why is dental veneer used Porcelain veneer is another name for dental veneer which is actually used to improve lengthen or shorten the teeth. Its main purpose is to improve the way your tooth appears. Your teeth can be rounder bolder

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and appear to be fuller. A porcelain veneer is heat fired porcelain which is a thin shell to fit the tooth. After the veneer is fitted still the patient can eat brush and floss as usual. The veneer will last for years. Porcelain veneer is non invasive kind of treatment Porcelain veneer is the non-invasive kind of cosmetic dental treatment where there is no grinding of the tooth and even the natural structure of the patient’s tooth is maintained. But it is only the dentist who can say that if any grinding is needed. In case the tooth protrudes outside some bit of grinding may be required. You can have whiter teeth on a permanent basis with the dental veneer. Porcelain veneer to eliminate the need for teeth whitening Porcelain veneers Laguna Hills is the fabulous way to attain whiter teeth without any need to undergo teeth whitening. So without any

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bleaching you will have whiter teeth. Continuous usage of teeth whitening solutions and gels may lead to a compromise of tooth structure and so it is better to choose only porcelain veneer. Avoid tooth sensitivity Porcelain veneer is a non-invasive cosmetic dental procedure which adds a layer of porcelain to the tooth. Your tooth will be less sensitive and appear whiter and more natural. You may derive the benefit of less tooth sensitivity if your dentist is reliable or experienced. With the beautiful smile you may simply highlight the complexion your color and lips. Modern porcelain veneers are better Modern porcelain veneers are far better than the traditional one as in the traditional porcelain one has to reduce the tooth by 1-2mm. A dentist had to grind the tooth and reduce it but no more. Whether it is traditional veneer or modern veneer the dentist needs to carry out the technique most precisely. If anyone has ‘buck teeth’ requiring reduction only then he/she should choose traditional veneers. On an average the dental veneer can last up to 6 years. As soon as the dentist has the veneer as per your teeth he bonds it to your natural tooth.

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