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Chiropractic treatments are non-surgical methods that are approved and recommended By DrSpine for treating pain areas specifically to neck and spine. For more info:-https://medium.com/@clinicofdrspine/spinal-adjustments-and-spinal-manipulations-techniques-for-chiropractic-treatments-adb34bff1674


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DR SPINE OFFERING PAIN RELIEVE SERVICES FOR BACK PAIN NECK PAIN AND LOWER BACK PAIN BY THE TREATMENT OF SCIATICA CERVICAL SPONDYLITIS SLIP DISC ORTHOPEDI Chiropractic Treatment in India - Dr Spine Essential Nutrients for Spine Care Clinicofdrspine 10/31/2017 Dr Spine is one of the leading institutions for spine care effectively treating Chiropractor in Bangalore for more than decade. We use standard spinal manipulations and techniques to diagnose as well treat the pain affected areas with efficient care. Our team of chiropractors is highly skilled and offer better solution based on their experience for treating the patients accordingly. In keeping check with the latest technology we have introduced Spine Analyzer which is right way for finding those undiagnosed pain areas effectively in the lower and upper extremities of back as well as Spine area. This revolutionary method is first time used in India for pain procedures respectively.

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Spine is one of the most important parts of human body with almost all the nerves of the human body culminating at the back of the neck and further joining the brain. There are lot of issues that arises in the area of shoulder upper back and lower back part of the system that consists of bones tendons muscles ligaments and discs that define body postures of walking sleeping sitting basically controlling all the body movements. Chiropractic solutions have been proven to more effective in treating patients with spinal issues. Dr Spine offers Chiropractic in Bangalore with modern scientific based machines and techniques for pain management areas. It is one of the most complex systems in Human body and specialcare must be taken in all respect of nutrients. Calcium is one element that plays fundamental part in bone density and adequately must be inside your diet regularly. Main food sources for Calcium are dairy products along with leafy vegetables nuts fish and legumes. Weak Bone structure early old age symptoms getting tired early are some of the symptoms will be seen with patients having low calcium absorption in their body. Vitamin D is the supplement part that is needed for calcium to be absorbed inside your body. Body uses vitamin D for producing enzymes strengthening protein collagen which aids function of nerves and muscles collectively. Shock absorbing discs for spine areas made of collagen only and those with low vitamin D levels people often develop degenerative diseases. Although Sunlight is one of the most abundant source of this vitamin D but some foods like Eggs and Fish are also very good source too incase you are sensitive to sunrays. Phosphorus is another micro element that works in conjugation with Calcium with respect to blood and bones. It is the main element that binds with calcium for bones to give them strength as well as rigidity. Bone Demineralization is term associated with low intake of phosphorus

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which can further aggravate with loss of calcium through urine. Cheese sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts are the most common source of nutrients for Phosphorus. Magnesium amount needed in body is similar to the Vitamin D as they are predominantly found in bones only. Scientifically it is proven that Magnesium is required for lumbar spinal range of motion hence the importance. Nuts Cashews Brazil Nuts Sunflower seeds and almonds are the rich source for Magnesium whereas regular alcohol use drugs and stress causes the loss of Magnesium through the urine. Fats especially diets containing healthy fats contribute to the normal routine repair and growth of bones fluids and connective tissues in whole body. Body must have lean muscles to support the balance of the body in appropriate way. Diets rich in lean proteins Olive oil salmon sardines nuts seeds along with fresh fruits and vegetables are good for spine care as well fetching the right amount of nutrition for the body itself.