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We have some of the best services for lower and Upper Back Pain Treatment in Bangalore with almost 100% satisfied results that cater to the excellence of our working professionals at Drspine. For More Info :-


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Understanding The Neck Pain :

Understanding The Neck Pain

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In this modern age with technical expertise people are prone to long working hours in their private jobs environment. With hectic schedule and less time for rest this might create danger for your health concerns. Two of the most diseases that affect people have surprisingly come to be either neck pain or back pain as they are the main part of the body that gets affected while sitting continuously for more time . Drspine was set up in the Bangalore has main aim of providing relief to the people who suffer chronically from these modern diseases of neck pain and Back Pain in Bangalore. Our prime services revolve around Neck Pain in Bangalore area as complete expertise with latest state of the art infrastructure in taking care of your health as primary responsibility. Neck Pain or in scientific term Cervical Spine is the part that supports that connects your brain (head) with spine respectively combined of bones, nerves, joints and muscles which works as per the requirement of the whole system. When you sit for longer time you might feel discomfort or irritation that on longer time can lead to misalignment of the vertebrates (Cervical vertebrae) which will start as lower pain but on chronically can create lot of health hazards for your whole body . If went on untreated this pain will add on your shoulder and soon whole back might start hurting too. Sharp pain or stabbing pain in one spot might also give you dizziness and soon might also radiate into your shoulder, hands as well as fingers too. Soon you will feel the pain while doing common operations like lifting or gripping objects and walking or balancing might be difficult too. In extreme cases some people also have difficulty controlling their bowel movements respectively.

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Neck or Cervical spine has the utmost important job of providing for flexing the movement of the head. Although it weighs just around 11 pounds but it has to weigh in whole body weight for which you must concern the certified chiropractor immediately if you are having any pain or stress related issues for your neck considerably. This cervical part of the neck starts from the base of the neck adjoining the spine with vertebrate named from C1 to C7 then moving along to further chest, region and back simultaneously. Now these vertebrates are connected with facet joints which allow the backward and forward motion of the neck. There are also very small spaces left in between vertebrates providing cushion, space and coordination of the to-fro movement of the neck . Above all there are nerve roots which cover the whole areas extending from the brain and leaving to the spine area respectively. Although most problems are the result of the long time issues concerning with sitting movement or not resting properly. But injury to specific areas can also aggravate the cause of neck pain too. Proper rest is must but icing the area and sleeping without pillow are the household remedies but if the pain persist professional counselling in must to avoid long term damages. Chiropractor professionals are trained to guide you the right solutions that caters to your specific problems.

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Drspine is an established chiropractor establishment which specialises in servicing people with neck and Back Pain in Bangalore . Our institution is run by established chiropractor Dr. Glenn Stirling who has more than forty years of experience in area neck and shoulder related problems. He has expertise in eliminating of subluxation which is the main reason for spine related issues which are corrected with the use of right chiropractic theory. We have some of the best services for lower and Upper Back Pain Treatment in Bangalore with almost 100% satisfied results that cater to the excellence of our working professionals at Drspine . DrSpine uses authentic chiropractic techniques that provide relief to your core areas in lower back pain treatment Bangalore.