Tooth Sensitivity Causes


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Tooth sensitivity leads to a great deal of discomfort, and can take away the pleasure of enjoying meal times.


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Tooth Sensitivity Causes

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Tooth sensitivity leads to a great deal of discomfort and can take away the pleasure of enjoying meal times. Those who suffer from sensitive teeth are aware that a single sharp jolt of pain – triggered by cold or hot food – can be enough to destroy the whole dining experience. This painful response is caused by the teeth being exposed to extreme changes in temperature such as eating or drinking something extremely hot or when a frozen item is consumed.

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When the sensitive inner parts of the tooth – such as the dentine and the roots – are exposed due to worn enamel even the slightest change in temperature can trigger a sharp jolt of pain. Determining the causes of teeth sensitivity can help in the proper management of this problem so that painful episodes can be avoided or at least decreased in frequency.

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Teeth grinding can wear down the tooth enamel which is the protective layer of the teeth. When the enamel is worn away the sensitive inner portions of the teeth are exposed and easily react with sudden temperature changes. Another reason why the enamel is worn away prematurely is because of heavy consumption of acidic food and beverages.

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The high acidity works in slowly dissolving the enamel so that the inner sensitive parts become exposed. The teeth enamel can also get thinner or become worn down due to forceful tooth brushing. Brushing the teeth using vigorous forceful strokes can eventually wear away the tooth enamel and may even cause the gums to recede. When the gums recede the roots of the teeth become exposed and will cause teeth sensitivity as well.

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Improper oral hygiene can also contribute to the development of teeth sensitivity problems. Healthy oral hygiene habits such as regular tooth brushing and regular visits to the dentist are essential in ensuring that harmful plaque buildup does not occur. If these healthy habits are not followed food debris can react with harmful bacteria and cause the buildup of plaque.

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Plaque buildup in between the teeth and the gum line can cause tooth decay and gum recession – and both can cause sensitive teeth problems. Damaged teeth are also highly susceptible to sensitivity issues. This is because when the enamel is damaged the protective layer of the tooth is worn away to expose the sensitive tooth roots and dentine inside. Cracked chipped or decayed teeth will experience sudden painful jolts when something extremely hot or cold is consumed.

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