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An in depth look at the comparison between Douglas County School District instructional minutes and Littleton Public Schools.


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The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle:

The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle High School Instructional Minutes You need to have all the puzzle pieces to see the complete picture

Types of Schedules:

Block Schedule – Douglas County One day a week student attends all 8 classes The other four days have an alternating block schedule All classes meet the same number of days per week All classes have equal instructional time Variable Schedule - LIttleton Types of Schedules Similar to college semester schedule Classes per week vary For example: World Civilizations meets (M.W.F) Chemistry Lab meets 2 consecutive periods (T, TH) Foreign Language Varies from 3 to 5 classes per week Spanish 1 Meets 5 classes per week Spanish 2 meets 3 classes per week Classes have unequal instructional time per week DougCo Parent Alliance

Schedule Comparison :

Schedule Comparison Schedules from Typical Freshman Students Typical Freshman Schedule at Arapahoe High School Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Inst Min Per Week 1st L. A. L. A. L. A. L. A. L. A. 295 2nd History History History History History 295 3rd Spanish Spanish Spanish 177 Elective Elective 118 4th Math Math Math Off Period Math 236 5th Science Off Period Science Science Lab Science 236 6th Music App. Music App Music App. 177 Elective Elective 118 Typical Freshman Schedule at Highlands Ranch High School Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Inst Min Per Week 1st Math Math Math 231 2nd Spanish Spanish Spanish 231 3rd Elective Elective Elective 231 4th History History History 231 5th Study Hall Study Hall Study Hall 231 6th Elective Elective Elective 231 7th Science Science Science 231 8th PE PE PE 231 Arapahoe HS Classes Between 118 minutes to 295 minutes Highlands Ranch High School All classes are 231 minutes

Arapahoe HS Math Overview:

Arapahoe HS Math Overview 8 Math classes meet 4 days a week = 4 credits 5 Math classes meet 5 days a week = 5 credits 4 Math classes meet 3 days a week = 3 credits Graduation requirements 4 semesters of math = 2 years DougCo Parent Alliance

Math Credits:

Douglas county school district - Carnegie Credits Arapahoe High School Credits Math Credits 2 years of math required for graduation Math instructional minutes are different for different math classes 3 years of math required for graduation Math instructional minutes the same for every math class DougCo Parent Alliance


Douglas county school district - Carnegie Credits Arapahoe High School Credits Credits Class credit is determined by the number of days the class meets per week. Classes range from meeting 2 days a week to meeting 5 days a week Any 3, 4, 5 hour class equals .5 credit per semester Any 2 hour class equals .25 credits per semester Total credits to graduate = 188 semester credits. ** Conversion required to match Carnegie credits. Semester long class = .5 credits Year long class = 1 credit Total credits to graduate = 24 Carnegie credits DougCo Parent Alliance

Graduation Requirements:

We have highlighted the years required for the core classes. Since classes at Littleton Schools are worth different credits it is difficult to compare apples to apples with electives. See their websites for more information. To translate Arapahoe High School Variable scheduling hours to Carnegie units: Variable Scheduling Carnegie Units Hours 3, 4, or 5 hour course = .5 2 hour course = .25 Graduation Requirements Douglas County Cherry Creek Arapahoe High School (Variable Schedule) Littleton High School (Block Schedule) Language Arts 4 (4 years) 4 (4 years) 35 ( 4 years) 40 ( 4 years) Math 3 (3 years) 3 (3 years) 30 (2 years) 20 (2 years) Science 3 (3 years) 3 (3 years) 20 (2 years) 20 (2 years) Social Studies 3 (3 years) 3 (3 years) 35 (4 years) 35 ( 4 years) Phys Ed 1 2 12 Semester Credits 12 Semester Credits Art or Tech 2 1.5 12 Semester Credits 15 Semester credits Electives 8 5.5 Sufficient electives to complete a total of 188 credits Sufficient electives to complete a total of 210 credits Total 24 22 188 210 DougCo Parent Alliance

Summary of Findings:

Summary of Findings The average of all DCSD schools were compared to individual schools in Littleton School District. In order to accurately compare the instructional minutes individual schools should be compared. The Math classes in Littleton schools have different instructional minutes per class, therefore any comparison should break out all the different classes. DCSD math graduation requirements are higher than the schools used in the comparison. Taking this into consideration DCSD students are getting more math instruction overall than the schools listed. All DCSD classes have instructional time that is equal, schools in Littleton School district do not. Most foreign language and electives instructional time are lower than the core classes. Schedules vary from school to school, district to district. DougCo Parent Alliance

Conclusion :

Conclusion When viewing information about the school district keep these things in mind. Verify the information is complete and accurate. Make sure the comparison being made meaningful and fair. Visit the sources and dig deeper. I.e. look at all the schools in the districts we are being compared to. Ask yourself why weren’t you supplied with the complete information Ask questions. DougCo Parent Alliance

DougCo Parent Alliance:

DougCo Parent Alliance We find the missing pieces…… Contact [email protected] if you have questions regarding information being presented to the community. We will research it thoroughly and provide the missing pieces for you. DougCo Parent Alliance

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