Burglary at the Art Museum Fingerprints

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The fingerprints from the crime scene, "The Burglary at the Art Museum."


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Burglary at the Art Museum:

Burglary at the Art Museum Unit: Fingerprint Analysis

Unit: Fingerprint Analysis:

Unit: Fingerprint Analysis The fingerprints of the victim and possible suspects of the case: “The Burglary at the Art Museum,” are on the following slides. Click here for Crime Scene Fingerprint Evidence . Study the fingerprints of victim and suspects. Map the prints for 8-10 ridge characteristics. Match the fingerprints at the crime scene to any possible person.

Ridge Characteristics:

Ridge Characteristics

Fingerprints: Kevin Lehman:

Fingerprints: Kevin Lehman

Fingerprints: Marsha Lehman:

Fingerprints: Marsha Lehman

Fingerprints: Shelby Jones:

Fingerprints: Shelby Jones

Fingerprints: Anthony Miller:

Fingerprints: Anthony Miller

Fingerprints: Carlos Santos:

Fingerprints: Carlos Santos

Fingerprints: Nicole Lewis:

Fingerprints: Nicole Lewis

Fingerprints: Henry Lu:

Fingerprints: Henry Lu