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Data collection & Dissemination Experience of other countries – national statistic offices: 

Data collection & Dissemination Experience of other countries – national statistic offices Esperanza C. Magpantay Market Information and Statistics Division Telecommunication Development Bureau International Telecommunication Union How to establish an ICT Indicator database in Indonesia 29 October – 2 November 2007 Jakarta, Indonesia


2 Who is doing the household survey?


3 Purpose of survey?


4 What kind of data are collected?


5 Form of data collection


6 Frequency of data collection


7 Dissemination of data


8 Dissemination of data

Who’s responsible?: 

Who’s responsible? Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) Executive arm on IT matters Initiates revisiting of the survey questionnaire, work with C&SD Coordinates with subject matter specialists to identify changes of survey questions Comments on reports/press releases prepared by C&SD Office of Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) Telecommunication Regulator Collects data from operators Regularly publishes telecom data Provides data to ITU Census and Statistics Department (C&SD), national statistics office Initiates revisiting of the survey questionnaire, work with OGCIO Conducts or commissions the surveys Data collection, processing and analysis of data collected Forwards draft report/press releases to OGCIO for comments Produces the final reports and issues press release on summary survey findings Hong Kong, China

Who’s responsible?: 

Businesses and individuals in Australia are required under legislation to provide accurate and complete information required by the government (1905 Census and Statistics Act) Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Demand statistics: ICT user surveys Who’s responsible? Australia


Conclusions Collaboration and coordination among ICT policy makers and national statistics office ensure required data are collected, through official surveys Surveys should be carried out, coordinated and disseminated by national statistics office International comparability of data can be achieved by using existing model surveys Timely and transparent data should be made available Well presented survey results can help analysis of specific problem areas

Thank You : 

Thank You For further information, contact: esperanza.magpantay[at]itu.int and visit www.itu.int/ict

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