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Experiential Education: 

Experiential Education What is Experiential Education? Who needs Experiential Education? Experiential Education Activities What Experiential Education accomplishes

What is Experiential Education?: 

What is Experiential Education? Experiential education is a learning process through which the learner constructs knowledge, attitudes, competencies, skill and understanding through direct reflective experience. Basically, learning by doing.

Who needs Experiential Education?: 

Who needs Experiential Education? Everybody needs and uses Experiential Education. From young to old, learning through experience can be the most valuable type of education. For some people it is outdoor activities that teach basic skills in the outdoors, for others it is working with engineers and seeing how they build bridges. Normally children that do poorly in the classroom with book work, excel when given hands on activities and tasks to complete.

What Experiential Education accomplishes: 

What Experiential Education accomplishes Leadership and communication Increases self-knowledge Acceptance of responsibility The ability to go beyond self-imposed limitations Care and respect for others Self-reliance+Self-respect Confidence

Experiential Education Activities: 

Experiential Education Activities Rock Climbing Expeditions Canoeing and Camping Mountaineering Navigation and Map Work Wilderness Survival

Something from John Stuart Mills: 

Something from John Stuart Mills

In Closing: 

In Closing Experiential Education respects the diverse talents and ways of learning of each student and helps bridge the gap between classroom based instruction and field based knowledge.

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